Pure Yoga is simply one of the most popular yoga hubs currently in the city of Ottawa. With two studios in the city, pure yoga has skillfully mastered the art of yoga, and its aim is to provide hot yoga therapies to the people of Ottawa. Very clear in its intention to only provide a form of physical activity that is physically, mentally and spiritually stimulating, Pure yoga has been able to attract several loyal students and yogis with its ambient atmosphere, skilled experts and its welcoming layout. The opening of two studios in both Centretown and Westboro has been able to cater to a vast number of people all over the city, irrespective of age, sex and body size. Pure yoga has even branded itself with merchandising and has also been able to provide clothing apparels, logo items and even yoga gears to anyone willing to support their brand. Being a member of this incredible studio, myself, I immediately became curious about its origin and the inspiration behind its continuous evolution, and so I reached out to Jen Conlon, manager of the Westboro studio. She kindly embraced my curiosity with delight and an utmost pleasure to answer the questions I had regarding this fascinating yoga hub in the capital city.

Tell us a little bit about Pure Yoga. What inspired its creation?

Jen Conlon (JC): Best friends (and Pure Yoga co-owners) Amber Stratton and Jen Dalgleish grew up doing everything together. Their first “business” was selling bracelets out of their garage to fellow school mates in the 6th grade! After both growing up and living all around the world (from Australia to Victoria), they came back together and found a passion for yoga. With their newfound love for yoga and their years experience in the restaurant industry, the two girls had a vision for a modern, athletic studio that guaranteed an exceptional experience to every student who entered its doors.

What services do you currently offer at Pure Yoga?

JC: We offer over 40 hot yoga classes a week that range from a relaxing yin experience, to a heart pumping power flow. Each studio carries the hottest trends in yoga wear (Hardtail, Teeki, Beyond Yoga, our very own custom tanks), a fabulous registered massage therapist (Raul Guevara- sacred balance massage), and our very own 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program, as well as numerous workshops from internationally known teachers as well as our own.

How many locations do you have in the city of Ottawa? Do these locations differ in terms of services, layout and design?

JC: We have two studios in Ottawa. Westboro is our original location at 279 Richmond Road. This location is where our Registered Massage Therapist (R.M.T.) works, where you will find an entire boutique of our largest variety of leggings and tanks and where we love to practice in our cool aqua hot room. Our second location, Centretown, just opened 9 months ago! You will see the same bright, modern colours, a selection of our best clothes and an even bigger hot room. All of our talented teachers teach at both studios!

What differentiates Pure Yoga from all other yoga studios in the city?

JC: What makes Pure stand out is our roster of highly trained, dedicated teachers who are committed to evolving the practice of our Pure Yogis. We also offer a superior experience to any student who walks in our doors and will bend over backwards (no pun intended!) to make Pure Yoga’s culture a welcoming one.

Do you host retreats? Discuss some of these retreats, perhaps the most recent ones.

JC: We have not hosted any retreats as a studio so far, however several of our teachers do host their own. They can happen anywhere from Wolfe Island in Kingston to Nicaragua!

How do you approach customer service at Pure Yoga? In your opinion what are three ultimate criteria for customer satisfaction that yoga studios should encompass?

JC: At Pure Yoga, we are all about getting to know our “Pure Yogis”. We strive to learn what we can about everyone who walks into our doors and realize that everyone is here for a different reason and can come from a different background. All yoga studios should be able to cater to their clientele and give them their own personal experience. In our opinion, a yoga studio should offer a variety of class styles and times in order to fit in with the busy lifestyles of our clients. And lastly, and most importantly, all studios should be greeting everyone with a hello, a goodbye, and a smile!

What is one thing you hope Pure Yoga is able to accomplish in the future that has presently not been accomplished?

JC: At Pure Yoga, we are all about living a healthy, active lifestyle. And a big part of that is what you eat! Pure is excited to announce that we will be opening a Vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Westboro in the New Year. Pure Kitchen will be a delicious, eat in or take out restaurant with our very own juice bar!

So, to all pure yogis, Jen has just announced that Pure Yoga will be opening its very own Pure Kitchen in the New year but for now it will continue to provide you with unique classes that will stimulate you physically, mentally and spiritually. For additional insight into what the studios look like, view the images below.

For people that are unaware of their studio locations, visit their website here for more information.

Locations & Contact Information:

Pure Yoga Westboro PYO Logo-5

279A Richmond Road,

Ottawa, ON. K1Z 6X3

Phone: 613-680-PURE (7873)

Pure Yoga Centretown

359 Bank Street

Ottawa, ON. K2P 1X9

Phone: 613-695-PURE (7873)