2017 opens up a whole new world of possibilities for everyone. What with having many different resolutions and goals drifting around, it can be easy to get lost in that which is not relevant to one’s goals.

One of the many goals heard uttered from the mouths of many hopeful individuals is one that consists of purging negativity from one’s life. It is a goal that is much easier said than done but can be achieved through great focus and determination.

In order to remove negativity, we must first understand where it comes from and why. Negativity in one’s life can arrive in the form of a person or a situation. It can be defined as simply as “bad over good” or it can be more complex once personal feelings get involved. Oftentimes, negative aspects play upon our own emotions and make it more difficult to dispense with the drama.

But why do we allow negativity to enter our lives in the first place? Oftentimes, it is due to low self-esteem. We enable our person to encourage negativity as it enhances our mediocre view of ourselves. It tears down our self-esteem and makes us think less of ourselves. This type of negativity can oftentimes arrive in the form of a person. Most often, this person may resemble a close friend or a family member, making it more difficult to rid ourselves of the negativity. The fact that it can manifest through these types of life figures means that we often feel indebted to them-like we owe them and are forced to put up with their roles in our lives. It is a bit complicated to grasp but trying to either tone down the negativity by defending yourself or removing it all together by cutting off any and all communication with said individuals may be a great first step to a higher self confidence.

In order to remove the negativity from our lives, we must first understand where it comes from and why. That way, it is easy to make a targeted and informed decision for completely blocking it from our lives. When it manifests itself through certain people, it’s easy to forget that sometimes, those people are repressing their own issues and pouring their feelings onto another person. They choose to do this instead of dealing with their own problems. When it comes to negative situations like a bad grade in school or family issues, we feel powerless because these issues just seem like life lessons that are unavoidable. In reality, these issues are easy to fix through simple problem solving methods. Figure out what the main issue is and then brainstorm different solutions to fix it.

Purging negativity from one’s life can seem easy to do. But there are aspects that make it not as simple. It takes a very brave and courageous person to chain both feet to the ground and say, “enough is enough”. This bravery comes from years of experience dealing with negativity but it’s important for everyone to realize how draining negativity is on one’s wellbeing. Getting rid of it can only open up to better opportunities and to meeting more genuine people. Settling for the negative aspects is not only unhealthy but it also tricks the mind into believing that there is only one way to handle things.

Once you come to terms with what is negative in your life, then you will be able to rid yourself of it. Keep a strong head and a focused mind for it is a new year and a new beginning. New year, new you-stay headstrong and be happy for it is beneficial to your health and your mind.