Dear Readers!

Wingd – Science is back in 2015 with an ever-increasing enthusiasm to keep you engaged and informed with the scientific happenings in the Capital City of Canada, as well as all around the globe. Our new year resolution is to put our ears on technology, and to provide to you the research ‘pulse’ of Ottawa.

In this introductory article, I will walk you through the new sections introduced in the science column. This year, our primary focus is to highlight the STEM activities being pioneered in Ottawa. We intend to enhance your knowledge of city’s schools, universities and colleges. Here on, together, we embark on a journey of rediscovering the beautiful web of innovations in our city. At the same time, we will keep our eyes on where the global technology curve is headed. Ottawa is home to premier educational varsities/college (University of OttawaCarleton UniversityAlgonquin College). A rich and well structured curriculum is available to the students in the form of various undergraduate and post graduate programs in these institutes. Numerous conferences and seminars are held in the city, where the best of minds come together to discuss and share the developments in technology-research. We have esteemed IEEE  members and Canada Research Chairs amongst us who drive the city’s innovative pulse.

Apart from the august Grad-schools and colleges, many distinguished institutes invest significant time in research and innovation. We aim to bring to you, a glimpse of the exciting work carried out within the humble walls of these organizations. This will be done through a series of interviews and discussions with our research fraternity. Our sections Research in Ottawa and Research Interview will be focused on these. Carrying forward 2014’s trend, we will present new innovative technologies for commercial use in the section, New Technology. Lastly, to feel the global pulse of science we have our newly added section – World Science.

Wingd-Science remains dedicated to the purpose of innovative thinking. We hope our new endeavours will encourage future prospective students towards STEM fields. We certainly aspire to help our readers in their efforts towards their career and prospective jobs. This is going to be a journey with the beautiful and unique minds shaping our community.

So innovations galore, stay tuned Ottawa!