If you’re in your twenties and thirties, you can hit a stage in your life where your life’s purpose seems meaningless. It can seem like your life’s accomplishments can mean nothing. All the hard work and perseverance aimed at future life goals can seemingly disappear into thin air and render the individual unmotivated and sad.

When you feel confused and saddened by the results of your life, it can quickly be mistaken for depression. In fact, it is not and is more commonly referred to as the quarter life crisis. It is a juncture in life experienced by most and is used as a means of guidance for one to use within life.

The veritable confusion and doubt associated with this phase can cause one to question literally every aspect of their life. Individuals may experience this episode as it is a defining period which can motivate one to move forward in life.

In today’s modern age, millennials are all about success and movement. So many individuals are moving up in the world and setting a standard upon which many others can feel lame and unaccomplished against. If you’re not doing exactly what other people your age are doing, then you’re a failure. It can be very difficult to discern the difference between success and failure. Especially since everyone moves at their own pace and desires different things in life.

Whatever your age, one always will experience a life crisis at some point. They will be difficult and brazen and really hard to tolerate but they will end and allow you to move on with your life at some point. You’ll find your niche and get over it.

One way to help you get through a crisis like this is to have a great support system. Family and friends who understand what you’re going through and are always available to talk can definitely help the progression. Talking about how you feel can help your soul heal and also provide ample guidance for you. Everyone your own age is experiencing something similar if not the same as a crisis and they’re afraid to discuss it as well. Opening yourself up and making the first move to talk may motivate others to do the same and you will find you have this one thing in common. Talking to other people who are going through the same thing can also lead you to recovery in a more positive way. It’ll help you get back on track immediately.

As well, focusing on yourself can help. Trying to block out the different aspects that don’t necessitate a priority in your life can help you focus on your career and your own personal success. As it is, life crises are difficult to overcome and they will take time to tame. Try guiding yourself down a oath which establishes your career or schooling and also allows you take time out for what you love to do. Getting enough sleep and spending time with your friends and family can help calm you and may be a helpful distraction from your current state of sadness.

At the heart of everything, remember that life crises happen to everyone. Everyone deals with them differently but they are a standard part of life. It’s not the end of the world but it is something that must be dealt with in order to progress with life’s other realities.