For 12 days (July 8-19), the RBC Bluesfest festival took over the city of Ottawa; entertained its people and illuminated its nights. This Festival turned the grounds of Lebraton Flats, as well as the Canadian War Museum into a destination for music, fashion, food, and pure and profound entertainment for Ottawa and its people.

Each festival night was introduced and ended with captivating musical performances from A-list artists to local artists from the city of Ottawa, and every artists’ central goal was to captivate Ottawanas and visitors of Ottawa with great sounding eclectic concoction of music, either heard or unheard on radio stations today. Every festivalgoer rocked and whined, and was hypnotized by every tune played. Not one artist was shamed by their music, rather each artist was regaled and their music put on full display for the auditory nourishment of all of the people that attended the bluesfest festival. It is certainly no denying that music was the major driving component of the festival and it was indeed royally celebrated for 12 nights non-stop in the Nation’s capital. As a city local, no matter where you lived or walked, come 5pm, it was certain that you would see masses of people who have taken off their work clothes, changed into festival gear and were headed to the grounds of the Bluesfest festival in order to celebrate and escape.

Apart from music being celebrated, fashion was glorified too to an almost equal level as music this year at the festival. With the I Love #RBCBluesfest fashion campaign announced prior to festival commencement by Fashion director, Julie Beun, it was increasingly stressed that festivalgoers dress to impress this year. Each festivalgoer had to dress to impress every night, because in doing so, he/she would get a chance to be entered into the fashion campaign’s prize draw for unbeatable prizes that include keepsakes, merchandise, make-overs, first class offers at the festival, and so much more. It was as though festivalgoers suddenly became competitors at a sold-out fashion game, and each winner was selectively handpicked for great grooming sense and offered a list of favours for the grooming effort. It is also no denying that in recent years, fashion has simply become a million-dollar component at major music festivals, and what better way to celebrate fashion at Bluesfest this year than by including a great fashion component.

To support the festival, and as is known, there is no event without nourishment for the body, and the team behind the Bluesfest 2015 festival was able to provide a limitless supply of food and beverages to constantly keep every festivalgoer hydrated and fully nourished for the entirety of the night. To provide this nourishment, a slew of food vendors provided delicious food, some of which include; East India Company, Culinary Meltdown, Casey’s Grill & Bar, Digby’s restaurant, Cin City Donuts & Lemon Heaven, Le Smoking BBQ, Bonita’s Cantina, Fadi’s Fab Foods, and so much more.

Lastly, there is no denying that the goal of the RBC Bluesfest festival this year was to provide entertainment and bring pure joy to the faces of Ottawans, and their goal was certainly accomplished as throughout the duration of the festival, every festivalgoer was either captured beaming at seeing their favourite artist/band perform, laughing with loved ones and friends or either quietly immortalizing every moment from the festival in their minds. For us, we were captivated by the sheer simplicity of music, drink, eat, repeat night after night, and although it may seem like a tedious schedule for some, it was a fun place for everybody to get together after a day’s work, escape reality, escape stress and live in the moment. We were constantly transported to another world night after night, and in honesty, that is why music festivals and other types of festivals will continue to be a winning component in the city of Ottawa and amongst its people; because above all else, an escape is always provided. Even though many people show up, and overcrowding often becomes an issue, the bigger picture is that there is no denying that there is always an undeniable sense of overwhelming community when you say “hi” to the person beside you while listening to your favourite band perform, doing shots with complete strangers or simply relishing the night away atop your co-worker’s friend’s shoulders. In all of it, community is celebrated and everyone now knows that community is the heart of the city of Ottawa.

Here are more photos we took while attending the festival: