It seems that today our youth is less interested in academic, and intellectual hobbies such as reading and writing. It seems that our youth is becoming more involved in technological related things to do like video games, computer use, new pop songs on iTunes. In fact not very many young people today enjoy divulging into theatre, music. What I find to be most unfortunate though is that the youth today is becoming less interested in reading.

In a recent article by The New Yorker, the article claims that reading amongst teens is declining and unfortunately this is the truth.

A recent study that was covered by Time Magazine says that forty-five percent of seventeen year-olds read for pleasure only once or twice a year. The study also shows that in 1984 , the amount of teens from thirteen to seventeen that claimed to never read was around nine percent, however, thirty years later that percentage has gone up to nearly twenty-seven percent!

Teens are now focused on social media, video games, games in the App Store, and whatever else is trendy amongst our youth. What inspired me to write this article was this: as a young child into my teen years I spent them reading countless books. As a young child I read a lot of C.S. Lewis’ books (Narnia) and a lot of Roald Dahl’s books. The amazing thing about books is that you form a scene and a mental image in your head of characters and the situations contained in the books as you read them. It’s very similar to watching a movie except each person who reads the same book will have different, unique images in their minds. Now that I’m older I tend to read more intellectual reads, like that of Gloria Steinem and Hillary Rodham Clinton. I also tend to read more humorous, less serious books (like Joan’s River’s books).

Besides the amazing experience of reading and getting a vivid picture in one’s mind, one also improves their reading abilities, and even expands their vocabulary. When one reads they also do better in English and grammar as they are more knowledgeable of how to use words and sentences properly.
Another benefit of reading is creativity. When you read you become more creative and expand your imagination. Reading may also inspire you to create your own stories and books.

Instead of spending time on smartphones and video games why not spend time expanding your vocabulary and becoming more creative by reading amazing literature? The benefits to reading are many, and the benefits of using technology and video games are not comparable to that of reading.