Time flew by so fast and what do we know? September is here already. This definitely means that another school session has begun, yet again. Just like always, the University campuses are usually always abuzz with new faces and new energies.

These new students are often completely unique with their school plans and varying goals. So, we interviewed a few new students from both the Carleton and University of Ottawa campuses, as well as took their portraits and recorded their goals. So let us take a look at these students that will be facing the new school semester.

Part One: Students of Carleton University


Major: Finance business (3rd year)

“I want to join more business clubs, and always be positive about the future.”


Major: unknown (1st year)

“Well, what can I say? I don’t want to do anything but getting good grades! ”


Major: Engineering (unknown year)

“Why are you guys in purple?”

“It’s for engineering!”


Part Two: Students of uOttawa


Major: Chemical engineering (1st year)

“Recently I’m just planning to get a high GPA, also I want to play in a campus soccer team!”


Major: Biochemical (1st year)

“I’m just going to school…”


Major: Media communication (2nd year)

“I want to join as many activities as possible to know more and more people!”


Major: Science

“Got some personal problems, wish I can make things better…”


Part Three:  School Staff

The people working on our campus are also willing to tell us about their wonderful school experience!


Occupation: School Chef

“There will be a new section in the cafeteria on the second floor (UCU) at the uOttawa campus, called food truck, and I will be the one who is in charge of that level!”


Occupation: Security

“Protection isn’t just about building security, the most important thing is to keep people in uOttawa safe.”


They are ready, are you?