Anthony Edebiri, also known as Reney is an aspiring Nigerian born fashion stylist based here in Canada. His love of fashion has inspired him to showcase all of the different facets of fashion to anyone and everyone. With the motto that a good sense of style bodes confidence, Reney has been able to showcase this immensely through the different styles he personally creates, which he accomplishes by simply mixing and matching threads. So far, Reney has been able to exhibit his passion and to even attract a few fans of his work through his various social media sites. However, he is now ready to introduce the world into his personal space, by launching a website that will focus on his sheer love of fashion. To emphasize this leap, he will be launching his official website on November 15, which is also his birthday date.  This website will serve as a glimpse into his world, and its aim is to inspire young men to dress stylishly in order to exude confidence. With a lot of interest on his new website, I interviewed Reney, who humbly responded to all my questions with delight.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Ire-ne Anthony Edebiri and I am currently a student at the university of Waterloo. Also a member of The Bachelors Entertainment. I’m a very passionate person and Cristiano Ronaldo is my idol.

What inspires your passion for great style?

When you are well dressed you are most confident. And there is this feeling of happiness and satisfaction you get when all your pieces come together.

What are three qualities you think define your overall style?

Edgy, classy and versatile.

Walk us through your go to style for both a casual outing and a high class event.

For a casual outing, it depends on the weather or where you are going; movies or dinner. But for a high class event, a well tailored suit never goes wrong, it always gets the job done.

What is your new website about and what is the overall message you want people to get from this website? is a way for me to showcase my style and wardrobe choices and I hope to reach as many people as possible. Ultimately, I want to become a personal stylist.

To know more about Reney and to get a glimpse into what his website will entail, watch the video below.

For a snippet of his fashion style, click and view the slideshow below.

Make sure you check out Reney’s website once it’s launched on November 15.