2016 is finally behind us. Undoubtedly we have made promises to ourselves to do something remarkable this year. New year resolutions, new goals, a better lifestyle, perhaps a healthier diet. Perhaps newer achievements at work. Like everybody else, I aimed to write better this year on more varied and global issues. Several topics were floating through as my head as I tried to design the perfect article to start my year. I finally decided to start my year with an honest retrospection.

Often times, when we are depressed and in need of motivation, we look for positivity through external sources. Seldom do we channel our inner prowess or our own strengths. We are by default too critical and under-appreciative of ourselves. We fail to see our own achievements and successes that have defined us so far, and look elsewhere for goals. I’m equally guilty of the same. Every single time that I have been dejected, I searched for people to look up to move forward. But this year, I’ve decided to channel positivity from within.

This last year has been a roller coaster ride for me. Looking back, I have several moments of pride and happiness to rave about. But one single incident has been my defining moment. Half way through the year, I had an accident in which I injured my leg. At that time, the casualties weren’t very high. I was only immobile for three weeks and on strong medication. Being naturally strong and athletic, I ignored a few warning signs and pushed through without much care. The inevitable happened. There came a point when I could no longer deny my health was failing and had to stop pretending like everything was okay.

When you’re young and healthy, you take a lot of things for granted. Things which are otherwise a matter of privilege for those who are challenged. I learnt the hard way how easy my life had been up until so far. The accident set off a series of health problems that almost rendered me helpless for a few months. I used to walk, dance, run and jump with abandon. There came a time when I needed assistance even to go to the bathroom. That being said, my status really put into perspective how privileged I really was. I spent months sulking and complaining on my sad state of affairs. I was stagnating and just couldn’t get myself to move forward.

Gradually I did see the futility of whining until such a time when I decided to stop whining and start working towards a healthier life. Although I still have a long way to go, I keep reminding myself of how much easier I have it than many others around me. I guess what I’m trying to say is, we are all capable and strong. All of us have the strength in ourselves to achieve what we want. There is a superhero inside all of us. So my new year resolution is to be a better, healthier version of myself and be more appreciative of my strengths and my circumstances.