With over 400 date fruits cultivated in the Middle East, it’s hard to believe that we only have access to a very small variety here in North America. Whenever we come across dates, we most likely will find Medjool, Deglet Nour, or Bam. Just as there is a wide variety of apples and oranges, dates come in many shapes, sizes and flavours too.

At Royal Dates, we want you tantalize your sweet tooth with a natural delicacy that is rare to find, and hard to forget.

We would like to introduce you to Saggae Dates. Light golden brown with blonde tips, Saggae Dates are less sweet date than our prized Sukkari dates but more fibrous with a milder flavor.

Saggae dates stand at a similar size to Medjool dates, and perhaps that’s the only comparison there is. Saggae dates are one of the few dried dates that are extremely tender to chew. Their fleshy composition and delicate taste makes it irresistible for anyone who wants to sweeten but not overpower their palette with natural dessert.

Saggae dates also come in different grades. The grading system for dates is determined by the size, moistness, amount of flesh in the date and overall quality. The better the grade, the better the date and in turn the higher the cost of date.

We hope to entice the Vegans, the Sugar-Free, and the Organic Lovers taste buds with this natural treat. Try it on its own or in your favourite date recipe.

At your next chocolate fondue party, try dipping Saggae dates into milk or dark chocolate. For a quick and nutritious breakfast, have 7 Saggae dates with a warm glass of your favourite milk. We have ours with warm goat milk. Dates contain enough amino acids and nutrients to make them an almost complete meal, as recently discovered by the latest studies. (Mercola)
Saggae dates are the perfect treat for anyone looking to cut down on artificial sugars.

Whatever date you’re looking for, be sure to check out Royal Dates refined selection of Sukkari, Saggae and Ajwa dates and the occasional Barhi. Furthermore, Royal Dates is continually searching for the next natural flavour to tantalize the most discerning taste buds so be sure to stay tuned on our unique additions.

For more information on the variety of dates available and best uses, please contact us at info@royaldates.ca or http://www.royaldates.ca

To your health!