Love, heartbreak and tears more often than not are intertwined with each other. These three basic human elements take you on a rollercoaster ride accompanied or derived by a set of complex emotions. Common phrases such as “love is blind”, have filled pages of literature since the beginning of time. In fact, love is the subject of drama, poetry and various art forms. But what is the science behind it?

It is completely amazing how biology drives the science of most human elements, love included. But, science and love sound boring eh? The best explanation of the association between love and science was undoubtedly explained thoroughly by ASAP Science (see the videos below).

While feelings of love may take you to a seventh heaven, a heart break on the other hand, can be hard to deal with. In most cases, depression may result from heart break. So, a little scientific knowledge in moments of heart break may bring you some optimism and help you change your perception towards events that make you sad or emotionally unstable.

As the saying goes, when your heart defies you, think with your brains! Cognitive science and our brains’ neural networks govern our behaviour in every situation. Understanding situations one step at a time helps us reduce the mountain and the complex pool of emotions that surge.

A very informative list of videos is here for you by ASAP Science to give you a better understanding on ways to take control over balancing love, heartbreaks and tears! Enjoy!

Science behind Love


Science behind Heartbreak


Science behind Tears