Many of us take simple things like the ability to see for granted. For most of us, it is not even a second thought or a doubt that we will be able to see perfectly without any aids. However, there are places in the world where vision care is hard to come by, extremely unaffordable and in some cases: completely non-existent. Thankfully there are individuals out in the world whose passion it is to find solutions to these problems, and some of them are in our very own community.

The organization You See Clear, was started by Babur Jahid, a biology student in Ottawa who was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan. Babur has always had a strong passion for improving healthcare systems back in his homeland as well as other countries that suffer from similar lacks in healthcare. He saw a lack, and he found a way to fix it, or at least work towards finding a solution.


Recently, at the One Young World Summit in Ottawa, Babur won the Resolution Projects Social Venture Challenge, providing him with funding to eventually launch You See Clear in Kabul in 2017. On November 23rd, Carleton University will be hosting a reception to celebrate You See Clear and its accomplishments from 5-7pm in the Interaction Building.

This reception is a great opportunity to meet the brilliant minds behind this organization and to hear more about this important cause. It is definitely eye-opening for young individuals to see what their peers have done and accomplished. It gives a new perspective on what one can achieve at any age and it is definitely a great opportunity to meet someone with such a great mind who has done and will do so many amazing things.

Personally, to see someone like Babur starting something so important to him inspires me to get up and do something about topics or issues that I am passionate about. It’s important to do something positive for the world and it doesn’t have to be on a large scale but even things in your very own community can make a huge difference in the lives of others.

Check out our new campaign called #wingdsolve that encourages you to do just that – provide solutions to help alleviate the problems of your immediate community. All you have to do is send us one solution in written, audio or video format for a chance to win a cash prize, online & print publication and resources to help bring your solution to life.