Dear readers and followers of Wingd,

We would like to update the travel section just for you. Since we cannot physically make it out to every country in all seven continents, we would like to formally ask you up on this offer. This website is all about the team freely expressing themselves through writing, however we want to hear back from you too. We want you to tell us all about any memorable recent/past travel adventure you’ve had, and if you are like most people that feel optimum comfort in the confines of their hometown, then that’s not a problem, we would also love to hear stories about your hometown and why you think everyone would enjoy visiting it. So if this is of interest to you, or anyone you know, please contact us at or use our webpage’s official contact form. We are absolutely optimistic that with all the diverse viewers and readers we get, we would be filling up the travel section with eclectic travel stories in no time.

We look forward to all of your feedback.


The team of Wingd.