Earlier this week, I went to work as usual to get my work schedule. I talked to my boss, and one of my co-workers who I hadn’t seen in a while. Things didn’t go as planned though. First, I saw that my schedule was a mess, because my hours were cut off once more. It was frustrating, because I like my job, and I want to be there more often. I know I can learn so much from my job only if I were given the opportunity to do so.

Afterwards, I went to buy a snack from the convenience store at the mall. I wanted a very delicious snickers chocolate bar, because I thought that I needed to reward myself after these past few hard weeks with school, two jobs, tutoring, lack of sleep, and infrequent eats. But, I got frustrated again, because for some reason, I couldn’t find a snickers bar at the convenience store. “Out of stock” it read. It’s a very frustrating situation, because you have in mind that you will do something to make you feel good, but there are so many obstacles that begin to present themselves in your way. Why is it that the one day I go to get my treat that it’s out of stock? Lucky me!

After leaving the store empty handed, I realized that I lost the new pair of earbuds that I just bought a week earlier. My day couldn’t get any worse than this. All this bad luck in one day, it’s so frustrating.

While I was sitting on a bench on my way home with no hours at work, no chocolate and missing earbuds, an old lady stopped and asked me, ‘Do you speak Creole?’ I said “Yes”, but the tone and inflection in my response were tainted with slight anger because I was having a bad day. The lady then responded and yelled ‘Praise the Lord’.

I looked at her funny because I didn’t know what was so extraordinary with my response; all I did was affirmed that I spoke Creole. She asked me if I could take a few minutes of my time to help her with a favour. I said “Yes” again because I didn’t want to appear rude. So, she looked into her purse and brought out a few very official looking documents. She then asked me if I could read the documents to her. In that moment, all of my anger and frustration with the downward direction of my day began to go away. While I was complaining of chocolate withdrawal and missing headphones, a lady was waiting and hoping to find a person who could speak Creole and help her understand the form to register her daughter to school.

It took me about 30 minutes of my time translating the documents to the lady, and hopefully transforming her life in a huge way. Before leaving, the lady looked me in the eyes, and said ‘You’re lucky you’re in school, I couldn’t go’. Then, she left with a big smile on her face because in a couple of hours, she would register a little girl in school with the hope that one day, her little girl would be translating documents to her and not some strange girl in the mall whose many worries 30 minutes ago included not having to eat chocolate.