The sun reflected off the colored glass and gave the floor a mesmerizing look. The colors seemed to dance as I walked through the large, spacious building. The dark, stained, wooden benches gave the building a more home like feeling. The pure colored walls seemed almost stained by the light of each flame from each candle.

Walking towards the alter I realized how empty and still it was, which was unusual for a Sunday. When I finally reached said alter and felt the rough wood underneath my fingertips, the building came to life. My memory of my time here whirled around me. Voices were heard, the shuffling of feet bounced around the room. An organ was being played in the background and a priest asked his guests to quickly sit down so he could start. Finally I moved back and all noise ceased to exist. The memories of my past engraved in my mind. Before leaving the church I had basically grew up in, I looked back. Remembering the memories of my childhood had made me want to stay in the small town I called home, but in order to grow and to live, to experience the world, I had to leave. I wanted to explore the world outside these cities limits. To learn what the people here could not teach me. Many people had told me to leave the moment I was of age. Said if I didn’t I would be stuck here like the rest of them. So I listened and was scheduled to depart in an hour. I walked through the small town remembering everything I could. Like the one time I pretended to be sick to stay home from school and the other time me and my friends played games in the stores disrupting the customers and aggravating the owners. Memories continued to flood my mind even as I sat down in the airplane waiting for our departure. No one was there to see me off and I knew no one would have, I made the decision not to get too close to people. Never wanted to anyway. I took one last look out the window and saw the gentle breeze move the trees in a peaceful sway, their green, soft leaves move to an unheard beat. Watched as the soft, fluffy clouds move through an ocean of their own. As seats started to fill a quiet feminine voice came through the speakers and asked all passengers to stay seated until we were in the air.  All was quiet, just as it was in the church for only seconds before the loud roar of the jets coming to life. Minutes later we were in the sky and my new life started at that moment.