It started out like any other day. I got up, did my morning routine, grabbed coffee and caught the bus. When I got to work, I started my job at my desk and headed to three meetings. Finally, by the end of it all I started to head home. There was however something off about that day. Throughout the day, while I was out, I continued to spot a tall, slender and beautiful woman. She had long black hair that reached her waist, bold blue eyes and luscious red lips that were lifted into a smirk. She also wore a white lab coat, which wasn’t unusual as we had both a hospital and lab nearby. She never struck me as odd until I saw her the fifth time that day. Personally I don’t think anyone could have missed her or mistaken her for someone else, her beauty was just too powerful. Unfortunately her beauty was the only nice thing about her and I would learn of her true nature soon.

As I walked up to the bus stop after my tiring day of work a white van squealed around the corner and was suddenly before me. The door was opened quickly and two strong arms grabbed me and pulled me in roughly. I then was pushed against the side of the van, slamming my head against the hard metal and felt a prick against my arm. My vision quickly turned black and soon after I was against the cool metal floor, bouncing to every bump as we drove along to God knows where. I was awakened soon after and found myself strapped down by my wrists and ankles on yet another cool metal. Looking around I noticed I was placed in a large room with various machines surrounding me. The room was dark and only lit by a single light that swayed slightly. A large door opened and a tall slender figure walked in. Even though I couldn’t tell who it was at first I knew it was the woman I saw multiple times that day. Questions and concerns about my safety filled my head and all senses heightened as adrenaline pumped through my veins. I suddenly felt I could do anything, but my restraints were tied too tightly incase of any unnecessary movement. I was trapped and forced to listen and watch as my kidnapper walked towards me.

“I’m sorry to have had to bring you in like this,” a smooth, velvet like voice filled the room putting me in some kind of trance. “I was hoping it wouldn’t have had to come to this but I have failed in retrieving a patient for too long.”

Just then I pulled myself back to reality. “Patient?” I gulped down the word, fear radiating off of every part of my body.

“You see I need to conduct a little experiment. You had the right specifications. The perfect patient.” The woman’s voice suddenly hinted a bit of insanity.

“Experiment!!!” My arms and legs tried to flail and my body tried to release itself of the tight restraints as adrenaline once again wrapped itself around me. Again a mall prick was felt on my arm ceasing all movement I had so I could only sit there and listen. I felt like a dog trapped in a cage. All this anger built up inside me and I screamed for my body to move, but I wouldn’t budge no matter how hard I tried.

“I will do the experiment on you, no ifs, ands or buts about it. I will however give you five choices to choose from.” The woman held up a paper in front of my face so I could read it. On said paper were the five senses; taste, touch, hear, smell and sight. Across from that were arrows pointing to another list of each sense but in a different order; smell, taste, sight, hear and touch. I looked at her confused and demanded an explanation.

“You see my experiment is to heighten one of the basic human senses to its full capability. Unfortunately by doing so another sense may become dull or inactive. Depending on which sense you choose, you must also realize which sense you may lose.” She pointed to the paper. “ You must choose carefully.”

“And if I don’t?” She only seemed to laugh at my comment. “Then I will choose for you. You don’t have much say in the matter. I’m only trying to be nice” She replied with a devilish smirk.

I looked over my options, looking at both the negative and positive effects of each choice. The only safe one was the heightened sight and dull touch. I worked out scenario after scenario and at the moment couldn’t find anything too bad about my choice. I told the insane woman what I chose; regretting it right after it slipped through my mouth and she quickly went to work. She hooked machine after machine to my body, then finally injected me with a strange blue liquid. I felt stabbing pain course through my body and finally an unbearable burning pain in my eyes. I cried out only to hear a hysterical laugh that only made me tremble in fear of the unknown. Then everything stopped. The pain disappeared leaving me afraid and exhausted. I slowly opened my eyes afraid of what I might see but was only wondered. Every color seemed more vibrant and every object around me was sharper and bolder. To my amazement my eyes zoomed in and out looking at every detail closer than before. Objects around me that usually looked smooth, when zoomed in looked rough and every single scratch, cut, bump and flaw was visible only to me.

I was suddenly standing up and face to face with the black haired woman. I hadn’t even felt the restraints come off or hands grab my arms to help me up. I then remembered that she had said I may lose a sense. The woman began to poke me countless times all over obviously checking if I could feel anything anywhere. She continued this for several minutes before she gave up and sighed. She looked as if she had lost something precious to her instead of me.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t have lost the sense of touch completely. I definitely need to work on the serum a bit longer.” She turned away to pick up a black notebook and began writing furiously.
“Haven’t you tested this before?” I asked.

“On rats and mice, never on a human. I had been trying to find the perfect patient for about a year now and then you popped out of nowhere, kind of like a miracle if you ask me.” She didn’t seem afraid to explain herself at all to me as if we had known each other for a long period of time.

I gathered all the courage I had. “I never did get your name.” I had let go of all the anger and killing intent I had before the experiment and was just going along with what was going on around me.

“And why should I tell you that? Are you going to report me to the authorities?” She looked at me, suspicion in her eyes. I only sighed and looked up at her. She must have felt I wasn’t going to say anything to anyone because all suspicion left her face leaving a blank expression.

“Common courtesy? My name’s Jack.” I held out my hand, urging her to take a hold of it. I then realized how foolish I must have sounded and lowered my hand. “I guess you already knew that though.”

She paused looking a little tentative. “Linda.” That was the last thing I heard before I was on the ground once again, my head pounded as I fell to the ground. I laid there willing myself to stay awake, but my eyes began to grow heavy and I started to drift off into a deep sleep.

I woke up this time in my bed. Sweat poured down my face and I was breathing heavily as if I had awoken from a nightmare. The covers were pulled to my neck and I was completely tucked in. The room was warm and cluttered with various things such as clothes, books and the occasional piece of garbage. The curtains were pulled back allowing the suns rays to heat the room up even more. Thankfully, the window was open to let a cool breeze pass through and dry the perspiration that had collected on my forehead. My cat was curled up in his box sleeping away soundly, dreaming of God knows what. Just the way I left it that morning I suppose. I lay there and thought about what happened and considered it had to be a dream. That was the only conclusion I could come up with for the time being. As I sat up, I noticed that I didn’t feel the familiar sensation the soft covers usually gave me as they brushed against my skin. I pinched myself without hesitation hoping for some sensation and could not feel the small pain that usually accompanied a pinch. My eyes widened and a small scream escaped past my lips. I quickly grabbed the pillow that was under my head earlier to try and muffle the sound, afraid of waking up any still sleeping neighbors. “This has to be a dream.” I said silently to myself. A dream inside of a dream. Did a woman with long black hair actually mutate me? My eyes then, without my realization, zoomed into a book that lay open on the ground. They focused on a single word, Mystery, and I could see a grain like texture as I looked closer. My hands rushed to my eyes trying to stop what was happening. Scared of what might happen, it took all the courage I could conjure up to lower my hands. As I lowered them, my eyes zoomed in and out of objects. Trying to see everything at once started to give me a headache. Everything became sharper and bolder and this new alteration controlled me. Realization hit me hard in the face soon after I was able to control myself. I wasn’t able to feel anything ever again. Despair began to fill me entirely. I would not be able to feel the skin of another human being or have the satisfaction of playing with someone’s hair. I would not be able to feel paper under my hand as it glided across the page as I wrote something down. Every little thing I took advantage of soon filled my head making me desperate for a second chance. I didn’t know why I hadn’t thought of all of this before. No matter which choice I had picked, unfortunately I would have lost something anyway. This did seem like the only safe choice at the time. If I did get a second chance though, would I have not lost a sense completely? Would one of them only become dull and I could find some way to fix it?

“Do you already regret your decision?” I jumped to the new voice that came out of nowhere pulling me away from my thoughts. Turning my head to the unwelcomed visitor, my mouth dropped and I tried to find my voice.

“Linda?!” I finally squeaked out as my eyes widened completely. “What are you doing here?” As I asked the simple question she sat beside me looking up into my eyes with sorrow in hers as bewilderment filled mine.

“I only came to check up on my test subject.” She gave me another of her famous smirks. “I am truly sorry for getting rid of a necessary sense. I wish it hadn’t come to that. If only I had made sure it wouldn’t have come to that. I should have tested it more.”

I laughed, this time making Linda jump. She looked at me confused and was about to say something when I cut her off, “Change of heart Linda?”

She only smiled at me and wrapped her arms around me, hugging me gently before getting up off the bed, “I guess you could say that.” she turned away and disappeared.

To this day I have not seen the black haired beauty that transformed me into what I like to call a superhuman. Even if she was insane, kidnapped me, injected me with a weird serum, AND changed me completely, I did truly miss her sweet voice that enveloped me. It definitely is strange to say something like that after all I went through with her but to me it only feels normal. I think, since that strange day, I may have fallen in love with her. She did apologize and I believed she did feel truly sorry for what the outcome was. I continued to wish for her return, hoping she may just show up stating she had to check up on her test subject. You could say she rubbed some of her insanity onto me. Even though I missed her, I continued with my life. I had to start everything from the beginning. Not being able to feel anything really changed my life. Friends and family became worried for me as they didn’t know what had happened but I only reassured them that I was alright. I continued like that for another ten years before the wish I made the night after Linda disappeared came true.

I was out with friends celebrating my 35th birthday when I spotted the long black hair I wished to see again. It caught me off guard and I could only watch as I saw the face of beauty once again. Those blue eyes drilled into mine looking not at me but in me. I stood up as Linda turned away and walked off. I rushed outside hoping to reach her in time but she was no where to be seen. My only chance gone because I was in shock. As I was about to head back into the small restaurant I felt arms wrap around me and pull me into a slender figure. I grabbed onto each hand and spun myself around only to be face to face to the person I so hoped it to be. Linda stood in front of me, a smile displayed across her face. Her cheeks were a light pink and I wasn’t sure if it was because of the chilly October air or if she was embarrassed even the slightest. This time I was to pull her into a hug and hold her there.

“Only here to check up on you.” Was what she said when I finally pulled away.

“Well obviously why else would you be here?” I couldn’t contain a smile while I tried to look serious.

“I’m glad to see your doing well. You obviously overcame the difficulties.” She began to poke me again and I began to laugh.

“I still don’t feel anything Linda. Once my friends figured that out though they began to hit me.” She started to laugh and I wanted to keep her in that state of happiness for as long as I could.

“I have to go.” Was all she said. I looked at her with sadness deep in my eyes. She only turned her back to me once again.

“It was good to finally see you again, even if it was for such a short period of time. Thank you.” I wasn’t sure what expression she carried as she left me again for the last time. I did hope she was going to stay, not forever, but at least for a while longer. Instead of being crushed like the last time, I held my head high and continued on. She never did leave my heart. She continued to be a distant memory, but was never forgotten.