Don’t you sometimes wish that you could rewind time and just start all over again? With hopes that you could change your past with all the knowledge and wisdom that you have now? Looking back at the years she left behind, she knew that she would have changed so many things and do a lot of things better. She would most definitely decide to be a surgeon. After spending all this time binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy, she wonders why she didn’t take the right path. She hates it when she hears people say that there is no wrong path because you have to make your own. This is what you get to hear every time you screw up your life – you get dumb remarks from everyone around you. They pretend like they understand, but they don’t. They know just like you that you made the wrong decision. Instead of going to her “dream college”, she decided to follow the “man of her dreams” all across the world. How stupid could she be? Christina Yang, her favorite character from her favorite television show, would never have done that. When “her dream man” was getting in the way of her career, she didn’t think to walk away. She should have walked right into that scholarship program and became something, a surgeon. Anything than being…nothing.

She feels helpless. Like a total failure. She just wants to turn back time. She just wants one more chance to make everything right. However, you don’t get a second chance in life. If someone tells you that you get a second chance, they are lying to you. Time is not our friend, and so it cannot go back for you. You get one opportunity to make everything right. We don’t have a fairy godmother who just waves her magic wand to make everything better. She blew everything and now she can’t change it. It’s too late, too much time already wasted. Her mom thinks that she can go back to school and get a degree in whatever she wants. It’s a terrible idea and that’s exactly what brought her into this bad situation in the first place. Her dad is so ashamed of her that he doesn’t even look at her anymore. She understands him, she can’t even look at her own reflection in the mirror either. Her reflection shows exactly what she didn’t want to become when she was a growing up…she needs to go back in time and find how everything got so complicated.