[dropcap]E[/dropcap]ating healthy is an important part to maintaining healthy skin. Consuming a lot of water (ideally about 64 oz.) is also an integral component to getting a clean and clear complexion. Proper food and water will help to flush harmful toxins from your body and create a clear complexion. Eating fruits and green vegetables will provide your skin with the vitamins and minerals needed to keep your skin looking beautiful and healthy.

When it comes to skin care routines,  the following practices should be imbibed .

1.)  Washing your face properly twice daily especially at night before bed time using a good gentle cleanser (I prefer either CeraVe orCetaphil)

2.)  Applying a warm compress to the face using a clean facial towel to help open up pores.

3.)  Exfoliating at home about two to three times per week is critical. You can also use a gentle chemical peel such as lactic acid at least once a week. Using a good facial cleanser, toner and scrub will help eliminate all of the toxins that are built-up on your skin. When it comes to face care, it is also vital to remove your makeup gently and properly before turning in for the night. You can do this by using cleansing wipes, cotton pads and baby oil (olive oil is also good).

4.)  Using a good  moisturizer in accordance with your skin type. People with acne prone Oily skin types should always use oil- free moisturizers which contain salicylic acid (i.e Clean and Clear advantage moisturizer or personal favorite; the pure system moisturizer by yves rocher).

5.)  Do not forget to wear sun screen (I usually prefer spf 25 or higher.)

Be sure to follow these simple steps listed above and your skin will thank you for this. Also, if you have any questions or for those who try out the technique with the fruit be sure to leave your questions or state your results in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more articles on the topic of skin care.