With this being Canada’s 150th anniversary, the province of Ontario is celebrating in a variety of creative and exciting ways! On May 6th and 7th, the Young Leaders Advisory Council is going to be partnering with Black History Ottawa for an event called SMART START Youth Summit.

The Young Leaders Advisory council is a non-profit organization based here in Ottawa. Their vision is to help those in racialized communities reach positions of leadership and in turn promote diversity not only within Ottawa but also within Canada as a whole.

This event is occurring through the Ontario 150 grant program and it will be taking place at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum (located at 901 Prince of Wales Drive) and will be all about leadership and entrepreneurship for youth. Keeping with the theme of 150 years, 150 young people will be taking part in this amazing opportunity and are sure to be inspired by all that they learn and experience.

The event is about the importance of knowledge, mentorship and leadership, and what we can all achieve when we work together and help each other reach our full potentials. As a country, Canada is known for being extremely multicultural and accepting of differences and this Youth Summit is truly an amazing opportunity for Black, Indigenous, racialized, new-coming and refugee youth, as well as those who live in remote communities and those who need societal support, to all join together and have an opportunity to have access to invaluable information from professionals and be able to have a truly enlightening experience.

In addition to the overall messages that will be shared through the event, there are some amazing speakers lined up, including Aminka Belvitt (the UN Women’s Ambassador) and CTV Ottawa’s Stefan Keyes as well (among many others!). Hearing from people like these will give youth an opportunity to hear from individuals, just like them, who have accomplished great things, and therefore inspire them to do the same.

This event is like no other and it is going to be the first to occur here in Ottawa. It is sure to have an impact on those who attend and participate and with no doubt will bring this great city closer together!

Make sure to check out the Facebook Page for more information on the event!