Happy Sunday people! A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. When you wake up, take a second to think about what a privilege it is to simply be alive and healthy. The moment you start acting like life is a blessing, I assure you that it will start to feel like one. Time spent appreciating is time worth living. It’s a great day to be happy– so do it! Be happy! Embrace the glorious mess that you are. You are a masterpiece. No person on this planet is perfect, and that’s what brings us together as human beings. Let the thought that you are comfort you.

You are going to hear yourself whisper or think: “I can’t do it.. I won’t” or “I’m not capable of doing this, I don’t have enough strength”, but let me tell you this: you CAN do it. Stop letting that voice in your head tell you that you’re incapable and that you can’t achieve a certain goal or aspiration. Open your heart and stretch your arms out with love. Go out there and do it. You got this. You CAN do it. You have the ability to do whatever it is that you want, you just need to remain patient, and you need to trust that the time you are putting into something will reap fruits. You can do anything you set your mind and heart to. 

I have a short story to tell you guys. This is a glimpse into the life of my father and I. Currently sitting at a coffee shop thinking to myself: “Wow, I am brave now. I can share my story. I CAN do it.”

For the longest time, I did not think I could forgive my father for leaving my mother and I. I cried myself to sleep for weeks, and my heart was not in the best of places. I had a negative mindset and was not planning on changing it. When something bad happens, the world seems to come crumbling down on your back. Why should you stand back up when everything is going wrong?

Well, because you are a warrior, and you are going to rise above this challenge. 
Months later, I decided that my “I can’t get over it…I can’t forgive my father” outlook was not helping me grow, and was stagnating my ability to flourish in any area of my life. This mindset had to change and I know that I was going to learn a lot about my faith in God, and my character in the end.

I prayed, I meditated and then I forgave. It took me a whole 3 months to forgive my father for leaving and hurting my heart, but I did it. I DID IT! Sometimes you need to accept the apology that you are never going to get, but it will help you move past your tough situations. There is a can in cannot, friends.

You can do it. YOU CAN DO IT. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Write it on a sticky note and put it somewhere where you will be reminded of your ability. You are a force to be reckoned with. Think happy thoughts and you will fly. Whether you are learning how to play an instrument, or how to forgive, how to cook or bake, or even how to socialize in big groups of people, you CAN do it.

You decide what kind of attitude you’re going to have. If you want to do something, you certainly can. If you have something on your heart that you have been meaning to try to learn, do, or perform, then do it. You got this!

You can pass that test…

You can get that job…

You can be happy !