Rejection is not fun. In fact, it stings sometimes. We all in some shape or form have been rejected in our lives. What comes to your mind when you read the word rejection?

I am positive that nobody reading this has a desire for rejection on a daily basis. “I want to get rejected by the person I love” “I want to get a job refusal” “I want a baby to start crying as soon as I pick it up”. These are things people avoid, and try to walk away from. There is a long list of ways you have been and can be rejected.

I would like to give you all some advice today. While rejection is something that we do not want, we still receive it. Rejection is much needed in the world today because while you may not believe this all the time, it inspires growth.

Rejection should not be taken personally and you should continue to chase your dreams and use rejection as a platform for development.

So let me just repeat that: Don’t take rejection personally. Keep focused and be positive. Believe in yourself and your abilities and have a good network of encouragement and support. Be thankful for what you have, never compare yourself and most importantly, trust God, and/or the universe and have faith.

The drought won’t last in your life. I want you to keep trying and keep sowing those seeds in all the different areas of your life. It only takes one seed to yield your harvest and when you receive that blessing it will be so much that everyone around you will be blessed as well.

Rejection is necessary. It is not wanted, but it happens. So, next time you get rejected, I want you to have a positive outlook.

A month ago, I applied to a job with Global Affairs Canada. I really wanted the job because it would have been amazing practical experience as a Junior Development Officer that would help me get a job in the development field when I graduated university.

A week after submitting my application, I received an email from Global Affairs Canada. I was super excited because it was something that I had been praying for all week.

Here is the email I received:

Dear Lila,

Thank you for your interest and participation in this recruitment process. We regret to inform that you were not selected for the position.

We wish you continued success in your future endeavors.

I was so extremely upset. How could they not have chosen me? In my own head, I was super qualified and the best person for the position. But wait, there were probably hundreds of other people just like me that applied as well.

Minutes later, I reminded myself that just because I was rejected by an organization that I really wanted to work for, did not mean I would not ever work for them, or I would not get a wonderful job some day. I WILL get a wonderful job some day. That is the attitude I choose to have.

I knew I had to be hopeful and not let myself get caught up in the anger and sadness that was attached to the rejection email.

So I moved on. I personally am trusting God to open up more doors for me to walk through. This journey is sure as hell not easy, but it is worth it.

You might get rejected by a person you like, or a firm you want to work for, or even by a family member that you love, but just know that someone beautiful is always on the other side, and you must stay positive because you are your own longest commitment.

Be encouraged today. Do not take rejection so seriously and live your life in a positive light. Smile lots today!