Happy Sunday lovely humans!

I, alongside several of my friends have been discussing our lifestyles lately. We have talked about what kind of foods we should be eating, how much physical activity we should be having per week, in addition to meal prep ideas and tips on how to improve our mental health.

This is so important. How you treat yourself will either break you or make you.

We so often get stuck in the negatives. I am so fascinated by the question: “How can we as humans be more positive?” because it is not as complex as we may think. It is not a complicated question to answer. People think  that there is this special key that you have to have in your posession to unlock the essence of positivity. That my friends is incorrect. We are ALL capable of having this great gift of positivity and I’ll remind you of how.

You probably have heard of the cheesy saying: “what you tell yourself every single day will either lift you up or tear you to shreds.” Read that again. Do it. Alright. Isn’t it true? You get to choose what words fill you up. You get to choose how you will live your life. You get to choose how your day is going to go. You get to choose. You have the power to make your life what it is.

Wait what? *pause*

“Are you telling me that I get to choose how my day is going to turn out?”

I am telling you that you get to choose how you are going to react to the obstacles that you are going to face throughout the day, friend. You are going to have to fight bad thoughts and bad situations where you find yourself unable to do any good for yourself, but I want to challenge you to move past the negativity to get yourself to a happy and healthy place.

You cannot always control how your day is going to go, but you CAN control how you are going to treat those situations, and how you are going to respond to things that may not be part of your plans. You probably already know this, but let me remind you that you are not 100% in control of how things turn out and so you must prepare to train your mind to think good thoughts. Healthiness is a good thought away my friend. So is happiness.

Your attitude is everything. Your words and thoughts have physical powers. For those of you who have had realizations when facing thinking positive thoughts amidst hard times, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Be positive. Be ambitious.  Be passionate. Be brave. Be courageous. Be weird. Be loving. Be strong. Be adventurous. Be grateful. Be different. Be extravagant. Be YOU and do great things. I believe in you Kings and Queens.

Be inspired to treat yourself with kindness. You are your own longest commitment. Get comfy and get to know yourself. Keep that mind of yours positive and you will FLY.