Happy Holidays you beautiful humans!

I hope everyone has a fantastic day spent with loved ones. I have a word for you; a word about sticky situations.

This life is full of struggles, and our biggest test involves how to handle these situations and what kind of attitude we are going to have. I want to challenge you to embrace your past struggles/obstacles and to look at how far you’ve come since then. Are you going to let your mess hinder your growth process? Or are you going to let it grow and stretch you to reach your potential? It has been a very tough semester thus far, and looking back, I cannot help but think about how tough it was to go through what I went through with school, and with life stuff. One thing I never forgot to do was ask myself what I learned from my struggles. It helped me view my situations as learning opportunities.

My challenge to you when you encounter a tough time: ask yourself: “what did I learn from that situation?” and move forward from there. You will stumble upon your STRENGTH– you strong warrior you. I pray and hope that you discover yourself through every sticky situation you find yourself in.

Everything we go through teaches us something and that thought in itself should inspire you and uplift your spirit.

You should not just wallow in your misery and feel sorry for yourself and all the bad things that have happened to you in your life. Instead, think of them as opportunities for growth and change. You got this!  

How can your experiences make you a better person? How can they make you stronger? How can they help you to help others by what you’ve gone through?

There are things in my life that I wish had not happened; things that I wish were different, but I choose not to dwell on those things. Do not live in the past. You cannot change what has happened to you, but you can change your attitude and your outlook about them, and the choices you make from here on out.

Let’s choose joy. Let’s choose peace. Let’s choose love.

I hope this inspired someone out there. YOU ARE OKAY! YOU CAN GET THROUGH ANYTHING!

Enjoy life. Happy Sunday. Happy Holidays!