In this emerging world of progress and success still comes the unfortunate truth of backwards assumptions and discrimination. Many people are overcoming this unfortunate trait but the root of the issue is still very deeply embedded within the folds of society. Many events have occurred in the past that pose a threat to improvement and that is something we all must come to terms with.

Nabra Hassanen was brutally attacked and murdered outside a mosque in Virginia as her and her friends were walking back towards the mosque. The suspect Darwin Torres, allegedly caught up to the teens, chased them and beat Nabra with a baseball bat. He then placed her battered body in his car and dumped it in a nearby county.

Police have indicated their belief as to this incident not being a hate crime. They have claimed that the incident was merely that of coincidence, that Torres saw the teens and was fueled by anger.

However, this is only one in a never-ending series of crimes aimed directly at a specific religious group. At times, it may not seem like it will ever end or resolve but we can only come to terms with the fact that that is exactly why it’s within our power to change it.

One of the many questions people ask is, “you’re (insert adjective/state of being) so why do you care?” This question may be poised in any context and can elicit a series of emotions that range from guilt or anger to ignorance and lack of education. The individual within the hot seat may be at a loss of how to answer this question but may also be eager to answer so as to educate the other person.

We care because we’re all human. We care because that which affects one of us affects all of us. We care because an attack on humankind simply fuels negativity that slows down the progress of everyone else. And incidents like this are not acceptable. A direct form of targeted attack is a slight against the positivity and human inclusion we’ve all worked so hard to fight against.

One thing that we must keep in mind is that we simply cannot, under any circumstances, change the views of every single person who exists. Despite our efforts, not everyone will change their own opinions. Humankind is stubborn like that but it’s also why we persevere. We stick to our guns and show our determination.

In this scenario, we must keep in mind that love is stronger than hate. Compassion rings louder than aggression. It’s simply our duty to realize that negativity only has an outlet so long as we let it fester. Be the bigger person and be kind. Spread love and positivity no matter where you go and you can surely spread happiness to others. People go through all kinds of things in life and while we may not know everything about it, we must keep in mind that everyone has their own daily struggles and being respectful improves the situation for everyone.