Since it’s springtime and the weather is getting warmer, then stylish spring clothing should begin to appear too. Today we’ll be assessing the style of Hilary Duff and Julianne Hough while they were out and about running errands. These two are famous celebrities known for both their music and films, but they are also winners in the fashion scene. They both rocked and paired two different length denim overalls effortlessly.

 Hilary Duff

hilary duff

Hilary wore long-length denim overalls (cashmere), and paired it with a white tank top and faded beige (tan) booties. This combination is the perfect yet stylish attire for a quick run down to the grocery store, or for quick hangouts with girlfriends.

 What she wore:

Overalls: Black Orchid

Sunglasses: Gentle monster

Where to get something similar:

Overalls: Forever21

Tank top: Boohoo

Shoes: GoJane

Julianne Hough

 julianne hough

Julianne wore short-length denim overalls and paired it with a long sleeved white shirt and a fedora hat, which all work perfectly together.

What she wore:

Shoes: The Frye Company


Where to get something similar:

Overalls: MaxNina

Top: NewLook

Hat: Forever21

Shoes: GoJane