Summer vacation. Those two words often call to mind the image of a sandy beach, turquoise waves, and palm trees. Perhaps they make you think of dark green trees, a campfire, and a bright orange tent. Regardless of what summer vacation makes you think of there is an assumption that taking a vacation means leaving town. However, for Ottawans, people who live in Ottawa, there’s no need to leave the city limits to vacation. A staycation, a vacation where one stays at home to relax, is a great alternative to the stress that can come from travelling.

The are many perks to a staycation. These perks include having access to all of your clothes, so that no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at you you’re ready for it, and going home to your own bed at the end of the day. The fact is that Ottawa is a diverse city. It has a variety of activities and events to keep anyone entertained all summer long.

No matter what your interests are there is a guarantee that this city has something for you. (Fun fact: That’s actually the message of our upcoming tourism book). If you want to save yourself vacation expenses take a moment to look around you. A staycation is definitely a cost-effective option, especially for students. However, it’s also beneficial for adults who can only take a few days off over the duration of the summer. A staycation allows you to relax and recharge without the hassle of actually travelling.

As for what you can do on your staycation, well, while Ottawa is a city that sleeps, because its inhabitants have to get up for work the next morning – we certainly know how to put on a good festival. As July takes shape locals countdown the days to the start of RBC Bluesfest along with other niche festivals that will pop up over the next two months. So, instead of packing your car full of luggage pack it full of friends. Maybe then you can drive out to a local beach or take a hike together before taking in an outdoor concert. Do everything you would do on an exotic vacation right here at home. Take a staycation in Ottawa, you won’t regret it.