Once upon a time, the makeup gods decided to bless us. Once upon a time, contouring and shaping the face was a new thing. Beloved by all, it was a way to get instant cheekbones without getting potentially threatening surgery.

Everyone did it. Poring over magazines made one inquire as to whether certain social figures had slimmed up instantly or given into plastic surgery. Rumors ran amuck as to who had gotten what injected into their lips and where the flesh from their nose had disappeared to. The idea of being able to use makeup to perfect facial structure was not a common thing but was, in fact, a tool secretly perfected by makeup artists to smooth and chisel the edges of the face.

The idea of contouring and grabbing different tools to use on different parts of the face was immediately written off by the majority of the beauty community, as it seemed too time consuming and difficult to maintain. Attempting to place contour powder below the cheekbones to add depth and recess the area seemed like something foreign and scary. Like, how do you chisel the cheekbones without looking sickly and flat? The agony of deciding which path to choose on this winding decision was heard, far and wide. As it became more accepted though and more accessible, it began to grow in its popularity to the point where it became the most popular beauty step in a routine. However, it is one of the best things to ever happen to makeup in this day and age.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, the makeup Gods created highlighters. The beat face gods of LIFE decided to create shiny, shimmery powders that would help enhance our cheekbones, our noses and even the tops of our lips to make them look BIGGER with minimal effort.

In 2016, the new beauty trend revolves around strobing. With the evolution of highlighters comes the creation of multi-colored highlighters. With the added “glow” comes the realization that contouring is unnecessary. Why chisel and sculpt when you can simply enhance the features you do like?

With those thoughts in mind, strobing emerged as a modern trend to tackle the classic routine.

Strobing is a process by which one simply highlights the areas of the face where the sun would naturally hit it. It focuses primarily on the highlight and not on the contour. It’s great for those quick makeup days and helps your skin look lit from within.

Strobing has become widely accepted as a new trend that not only adds to the makeup obsession but also adds to the modern body positive movements. In a world where individuals are so commonly entranced with the way they look and secretly worry over the excess flesh they think is noticeable, this trend is one that encourages self-love and basically abolishes self-hate.

Not only does it do all that but it also provides a wider window into self-acceptance. Many more women have slayed the makeup runway by getting their inner glow on. Not only have the traditional powder highlighters skyrocketed, but luminizers in the form of liquids and creams hold more versatile properties for makeup fans everywhere. Adding dollops to foundation or moisturizers take this scene to the ultimate next level.

While this trend may be too intense for some people, for others, it’s a matter of learning to love yourself. It’s a matter of feeling less pressure to fix your flaws in a snap but more about enhancing the qualities you have while taking time to fix that which you are unsatisfied with.

To add to this love, makeup companies have taken it upon themselves to produce tutorials and tools with which to utilize strobing. “Strobing brushes” feature tapered ends which glide product smoothly onto the cheekbones to enhance and add a sunkissed glow. The bristles tend to be more flexible and soft so they pick up less product but blend like a dream. This unique quality ensures the user will be able to build up the intensity to which they desire. It’s easier to do too since contouring is not necessary and because most highlighting products tend to blend like a dream, this make getting ready in the morning so much quicker.

Since makeup companies are taking advantage of strobing, it’s so easy to experiment in this area. If one is unsure, I highly recommend starting with drugstore products to get a more realistic feel. And once you get that feeling, graduating towards more high end, pigmented product will help you to define your own unique strobing technique. Try it out and see what it can do for you.

Needless to say, the purpose of makeup is to enhance the features and not completely change the structure of the face and/or body. The media seems to perpetuate a certain type of beauty that can cause people to resort to dangerous measures. These types of beauty techniques are simply trends and it’s important to realize that a societal standard is not every else’s standard. So, if you do intend to try this out, please do it in a safe and secure way. Recently, there have been fashion and beauty bloggers of all different shapes and sizes who have gained monumental popularity. Take a page out of their book and realize that makeup is fun but it’s not used in only one way. There are many different avenues to approach but it all begins with inner love and self acceptance.

With this in mind, be sure to have fun with your makeup and wear what makes you feel good. That way, your inner confidence will shine through and help you look and feel like the best version of yourself!