I am feeling so overwhelmed right now that I overwhelmed just the fact that I am overwhelmed. It makes absolutely no sense what I just wrote, but that’s what being a person who’s learning is all about. Studying, writing and filling my brain with so many information that makes no sense to me most of the time.

So much information to memorize in little to no time. Being a student is so hard. Hard on our bodies, but also on our mental beings. Many people can’t imagine what students have to go through everyday just to keep our heads out of the water in order to achieve greatness.

Most of us, students work part-time to be able to sustain ourselves because we have to pay our rent, put food in our stomachs and even acquire clothing for our bodies. Also, if we want to keep our sanity, we have to save some money to entertain ourselves on the very little free time we have.

The other half of the student population have the courage to take on a full-time job so they don’t finish their studies with thousands of dollars in debt. They don’t want to be like most other students and have to work even harder to clear their name with the government when they are done school.

Being a student is hard. It’s not just hard, it’s exhausting. It’s waking up at the crack of dawn, typing millions of words and long sleepless nights. How can a person live in those conditions? We! Students! Now, that  its ‘spring break, we can finally relax for a bit. What am I talking about? It’s called ‘reading week’. It’s that time of the year when students finally have time to catch up on all their reading, rewriting notes, doing assignments, maybe sleeping a little bit  and giving their significant others some affection time.

Chin up students, we’re almost done this semester (not exactly, but let’s keep the faith). We don’t give up when we get bad grades, we study harder. We don’t give up when we don’t understand, we try harder. When we feel like giving up, we fight. We fight, because we want to cross that finish line that is called graduation. Let’s persevere students, we’re fighters.