Once upon a time, which to communicate a simple translation of style and grace used fashion as a means. It was simply used as a means by which to extend an explanation of class and rank and to indicate to the local population a measure of wealth and privilege.

Nowadays, style and fashion go hand in hand in recognizing how our culture appropriates different techniques and lifestyles. One can determine how far style can go in the way that it is accepted by society. Limitations placed upon societal fashion standards can also indicate a type of cultural or religious acceptance as well.

But how can we tie these standards to modern life?

Since the presidential campaigns of last year, fashion monarchs have taken it upon themselves to split straight down the middle. The notorious big wigs have made the decision to take sides in this debate, choosing to either be pro Trump or anti-Trump.

This decision clearly stems from a type of declaration, if you will. Certain designers and fashion houses have taken a stand and refused to partake in the elaborate scheme which Americans call “a presidency”.

Designer Prabal Gurung debuted feminist t-shirts at his runway show. A clever way to display his personal beliefs, he took to having his models wear shirts displaying the emblem, “the future is female”. Whether or not this was a direct hit to Trump’s sexist policies (re: his desire to have his women staff members “dress like women”), it was still a bold proclamation to adhering to a future full of womanly empowerment.

As well, plus-size model Ashley Graham walked the Michael Kors show quite recently. A very popular show by a very lucrative and influential designer, this move spoke boldly of how women of all shapes and sizes are still able to achieve popularity in the fashion realm. Graham is a bold advocate for women empowerment and has spoken out many times on how women are beautiful and smart no matter who they are or what they look like. While this does not necessarily have anything to do with Trump or the presidency, it does link to the negative claims he’s said as they relate to a woman’s size and shape.

As well, major retailers such as Nordstrom and TJ Maxx have taken to extreme measures by completely removing all Ivanka Trump products off their shelves. A cutthroat move for sure, but definitely one that sends a direct and targeted message to Herr President. The President himself has also responded to these attacks via Twitter. However, the fact that he ranks these moves of higher importance than other measures which should be substituted in place of this may be cause for concern for the new President.

There are many other issues in this world that could be of higher importance. The fact that a menial issue such as this has been raised as an inconvenience to the presidency over other issues speaks volumes about the state affairs will be in for the next 4 years.

Fashion has been used as a means of declaration. With the changing worlds and changing economy, it is easy to interpret fashion as a means of communication. We have the ability to speak our minds and express ourselves in this country so luckily we should uphold those freedoms. Designers and retailers are clearly taking this fact quite literally but it poses a great segway into the future.