Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Summer. It came and went by so quickly that we barely even noticed it was here, and although we didn’t have the best Canadian weather, we’d all have to admit that the fashion was definitely topnotch this season. From the comeback of overalls, to ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans, slip ons/skaters/sneakers, mini bags, and the always-present summer dresses. Bodysuits also made quite a lot of appearances this season.

The overalls transformed outfits; they added an edge to every outfit and said a lot about the wearer’s sense of style based on how it was styled. It was a perfect effortless summer piece.

The ripped jeans were phenomenal for summer! They added more statement to an outfit and could dress an outfit up without putting a lot of effort. A classic outfit was a basic tee, a pair of ripped jeans and comfortable shoes, depending on your personal preference. We can all testify to this.

The boyfriend jeans were also a summer must have. They added comfort to outfits because they weren’t skin tight like the skinny jeans or leggings, they provided more room for freedom.

Mini bags were easy alternatives for clutches, wallets and wristlets this summer. They were small but yet big enough to hold the essentials. All sorts of styles, shapes and colours were available for this trend.

No summer fashion is complete without dresses and skirts; mini skirts and dresses, sundresses, skater dresses, maxi skirts and dresses, midi skirts and dresses. For this reason, it is no surprise that they made the list.

Lastly, the bodysuits. These were a summer staple! They made dressing a lot easier. A lot of people love to tuck their tops into their bottoms but fear the tucked part bulging out through their bottoms. These were a solution to that problem. They were also good alternatives for certain tops because of the styles they were made in for the season.

On that note, here are a few pictures from the fashion this summer:

Written by: Lorietta Muse