Few days ago marked the first day of summer, so hello there summer! We hope you’re here to stay, and would be kind to us. It’s about time. Nonetheless, it would be best to savour every single moment while it lasts because everything seems to be short these days, even life itself so live it up. That said, if you haven’t already, there’s something that NEEDS to be added to your (official) summer closet: culottes!

These are full, knee-length trousers that could easily be mistaken for skirts, and have been around for a while now. But, this piece left its mark after the spring season. They are almost, if not already, ubiquitous in the world. This is not a surprise because they are versatile, and easy to style, and make for a great summer staple! They come in all forms and finding the pair that suits you is definitely ideal. In doing so, understanding your body type and the styles of pants that would generally work for you is key!

Personally, I struggled with finding a pair that I thought looked flattering on me, because I am quite tall and skinny, until I came across this pair at Zara. Of course, I had to get it! It was the first pair that I didn’t think fit awkwardly on me, and so I got it. I found another at Aritzia, which I was very sure about initially, but at the time I went back, I couldn’t find my size and my heart became heavy instantly. I regretted not getting them when I tried them on. At least I would have had them, even if I changed my mind at any point, but once bitten twice shy, right?! Never again! On the bright side, that’s one pair down and many more to go.

Culottes are fun, and airy, and I think they make a great addition to your summer closet. Here are some ideas, and let me know your thoughts about culottes!

Under $50

Zara Cropped Flowing Trousers
Zara Culottes With Slits


Topshop Moto Raw Hem Blue Culottes
H&M Satin Culottes

Above $100

Wilfred Lalemant Pant
J. Crew Collection High-Waisted Culotte Pant

Peace and Love,