Any 80’s kid will probably hear sunset grill and think of Don Henley’s hit song of the same name. However you aren’t too far off, as Sunset Grill, a Canadian chain breakfast and lunch restaurant indeed famously got its name from Henley’s hit song. Founded in 1985 by Angelo Christou, Sunset Grill has since provided the freshest, tastiest and healthiest breakfast and lunch options to all of its customers. Being a tourist in my city, Ottawa, I still find little gems like Sunset Grill simply fascinating. I decided to grab breakfast one summer morning and came across the Sunset Grill location at the newly revamped Lansdowne Pavilion on 100 Marché Way.

From its standard opening hours of 7am to 4pm, this restaurant offers a host of meal options of various omelette dishes, french toast, bagels, sandwiches, burgers, salads, and so much more. These meals are often freshly cooked & grilled right at the restaurant location. They also credit themselves for using the healthiest cooking methods, providing freshly pressed juices, as well as using healthy and organically grown food items as often as possible. As a customer of Sunset Grill, I definitely have to comment that the food quality at this restaurant is simply very high and every food I have eaten since my first visit to the restaurant has tasted nothing but fresh and incredibly delicious.

In addition, the atmosphere and environment of almost every Sunset Grill restaurant is very identical with an old diner inspired décor, and every restaurant simply takes you back in time to 1985 when Christou decided to open the first doors of his restaurant in Toronto, Ontario. The atmosphere at the Sunset Grill on Lansdowne Pavilion is inviting, comforting and spacious. With generous seating areas, every customer feels at ease and at home while stuffing their faces with the restaurant’s famous meal options.

Sunset Grill
Sunset Grill

Lastly, to complement the warm atmosphere are incredibly friendly and passionate staff. Once I stepped through the doors of Sunset Grill on my first visit, I was immediately met with a warm smile by a friendly waitress who then proceeded to take me to my seat, converse with me throughout the entirety of my visit, and ensured that I had an absolute splendid time at the restaurant.

It is no denying that there are more and more restaurants that pop up here and there all over Ottawa, but it is increasingly imperative that these restaurants appear with a unique factor and try to differentiate themselves from the others. This is exactly what Sunset Grill has done. It has simply differentiated itself from the pack of restaurants in the city, and has spread its welcoming and old school charms to the hungry residents of Ottawa. So what are you waiting for? Give Sunset Grill a try and tell us all about your experience in the comments section below.