Hello dear readers! The second innovation in our technology for the other side series is the new i-Transport, an excellent example of robotics and biomedical engineering. i-TRANSPORT is an intelligent solution for the wheelchair bound fraternity. The technology solution is an outcome of intensive research carried out by researchers at the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Taiwan.

NCKU’s research has led to a product, which boasts of integrated functionality – mobility, lift, transfer and standing for the user. It provides the ease of adjusting user’s height and position. The transported is equipped with a physiological embedded monitoring system (tracking blood pressure and breathing conditions) for performing telemedicine or long-distance care services, with facility of storing the data in the cloud. This makes i-TRANSPORT a multi-functional carrier.

The lightweight transporter’s health monitoring system has Altera FPGA in its core. The control chip has Nios II embedded multi-core processor for supporting the cart’s software and hardware control systems. The system in totality includes the robotic arm, the electric-driven vehicle, operator control panel with a warning mechanism, as well as an alerting cycle running in the background.

With its smart design and intelligent robotic control system, i-TRANSPORT promises to give greater independence to fellow users. Trivial tasks such as talking to people at same height, and accessing counters and stands at higher level prove to be challenging for people with restricted or zero movement capabilities. The cart’s primary focus is to mitigate these challenges and provide a functional mobility to our friends. Yet another inspiring and motivating feat for technology!

See the transporter in action here and wish this innovation a great commercial success.