We recently came across the incredible work of a Dutch artist, Telmo Pieper, and we think the message his digitalized work titled “Kiddies Arts” signifies is very extraordinary. Telmo Pieper describes himself as a creator, drinker, image maker, contemporary painter and half of a wondrous artistic duo called Telmo Miel together with Miel Krutzmann. Their work is very brilliant and admirable.

The “Kiddies Art” series was inspired by Pieper’s drawings when he was only four years old. Pieper discovered these drawings and decided to turn his childhood creations and reincarnate them into beautiful works of art with the use of digital painting. The result of this reincarnation is the “Kiddies Arts” series published on the Telmo Miel official website.

I believe these paintings put side by side together, that is, his childhood creations and his reincarnations of them represent growth, refined skills, and sends a message of how complex the brain truly becomes as we age. This reinforces the term of neuroplasticity, but moreso the fundamental levels in which aging, increased life experience and refined skills differentiate us from our childhood naïve selves. Meaning, we become fundamentally more complex as we age.

Below are three more pieces from the series, but feel free to visit their website and feed your creative minds.