Spring has already set in. The glorious weather for the next few months is setting the stage for starry nights and lots of fun for our astronomy enthusiasts. If you are unaware of Ottawa’s astronomy activities, this is a must read for you. If celestial bodies enthral you, but you don’t know where to begin your quest, let this article walk you through the beginning steps in your journey.

To begin, three important elements to be added in your check list would be a telescope, beginner level sky watch guide and a suitable venue that has a spread of clear sky. Wondering where to find a telescope? For most sky watching events, astronomy groups arrange for telescopes, that are pre-focused and adjusted for viewing. However, if you want to own one for yourself, CostCO is already there to aid you. An impressive range of Celestron telescopes is available for your selection. The range of telescopes include the most basic ones (just over a 100 bucks!) to the extensive digital and computerized versions at very good prices.

While you can find a plethora of resources on the internet for astronomy observations, business insider lists eleven best astronomy apps for beginners. Carry the stars in your pockets! These apps would tell you the trine of stars and planets. They predict the the number of clear sky watch nights. The easiest way to start observing the sky is to observe the constellation. A pocket astronomy app is a convenient way to follow the constellation movement and position. So, you do not have to spend time on elaborate resources.

Ottawa has a very rich heritage in astronomy. The king of examples would be the Dominion Observatory. Famous for investigation and application of positional astronomy. The Observatory has been a world-class centre for astronomical and geophysical research in the past. Canadian Astronomy Education, Canadian Astronomical Society(CASCA) maintains a nationwide potpourri of resources for star gazers. So if you are not in Ottawa and do not want to miss an important astronomy event, you can find the activities in the places near you. CASCA is also a wonderful platform for students and researchers to hone their celestial tracking skills.

So what are the events to watch for in the next few days? If you missed watching the blood moon earlier in April, make sure you follow the sky watch calender of the Ottawa centre of Royal Astronomical Society of Canada(RASC). RASC is open to annual memberships and it is certainly a great group to be a part of. RASC organizes monthly meets for sky watching events and educational meets. Many events are open for the general public for observing prime astronomy events in the city. Definitely an excellent association for your interstellar experience. RASC also lists prime observatories around Ottawa, and other venues for observations. So, what are you waiting for? Get that telescope of your choice and set out for the stars! Chop chop!! Meanwhile I will prepare my Celestron for a date with the moon. Have fun Ottawa.