It has always been extremely exciting for young technology professionals and graduates in Ottawa when it comes to that time of the year where they grow out of their student life and step into the real professional/corporate world or industry. Ottawa has a rich pool of local and multinational companies that offer a variety of opportunities to these young minds to learn and grow in their professional careers. In the industry-Ottawa series of articles, we will focus on four of these companies and in each article, you may just find info that can help serve as the next big leap for your career.

Let’s take a deeper look into some of the famous and big tech names while trying to discover more about them. The companies are categorised by the kind of services and products they offer. They are further rated according to factors such as physical workspace, financial benefits, work atmosphere, vacation and time off, training and skills development, performance management etc. In fact, the National Capital Region’s Top Employers is an annual competition that does exactly what we discussed; rates the top employers in Ottawa. It’s organized by the editors of Canada’s top 100 employers. This special designation that the winning companies receive recognizes their effectiveness in creating high industry standards. In this article we will discuss IBM, Cisco, General Dynamics and Honeywell.

IBM needs no introduction. It’s the world’s largest IT and consulting service company that offers global innovative solutions to a diverse client base and solves complex business challenges. IBM in Canada has a major research and development investment group and IT exporters. The company deals with manufacturing and marketing of computer hardware, software, middleware applications, as well as offers hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.

Cisco Systems Inc. is the world leader in designing and manufacturing networking equipment. The company also provides communications technology and internet solutions and services. Cisco Canada has a large research establishment that focuses on innovative technologies like Internet of things. They are also involved in routing and managing 85 % of global internet traffic. They have a lot of opportunities for university students and also provide internships, CO-OPs and scholarships to aspiring network engineering students.

General Dynamics is an aerospace and defence company that is the world’s fifth largest defence contractor. They deal with four major segments of business: Marine Systems, Combat Systems, Information and Technology systems and Aerospace. They are one of Canada’s largest and most established defence systems integrator. General Dynamics Mission Systems Canada is a worldwide supplier of innovative solutions for technology based electronic system integration, and in-service support to defence organizations and public security markets in Canada and abroad.

Honeywell is a producer of a variety of consumer and commercial products. It also specializes in engineering services and aerospace systems for customers that range from private consumers to major corporations and governments. They offer a wide range of security, home automation and energy products. Honeywell also provides mobile services that include mobile security solutions and applications. Honeywell’s aerospace mechanical and electrical innovations are used in many commercial and defence aircraft platforms. The company also provides an efficient transportation systems solutions that enhance the performance of passenger and commercial vehicles.

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