Do you ever think about the story behind your clothes? Where they come from? How they’re made?

I was recently introduced to The Balance Project, a great locally sourced clothing line. They’re all about producing socially responsible products. It was given the name ‘balance’ because they understand that with the pressures of globalization, it can be hard to be completely fair trade. They want to be an alternative, where people can balance their wardrobes and include products that are socially responsible.

The organization is a student-run operation from the University of Ottawa. Their mission is “to unite young people with trendy, affordable, eco-friendly and sustainable clothing, while providing an ethical interconnectedness with local and international communities.” It was very inspiring to hear the motive behind this local brand and their plans moving forward. It’s wonderful to hear of such a unique brand originating in Ottawa, not to mention their great designs and products. They’re all about ethical consumerism and socially responsible actions to manufacture clothes. In fact, their clothes are made in a sustainable and responsible way, meaning that they consider the workers making the clothes and seek to ensure that their working conditions are acceptable. They also consider the planet in their manufacturing process.

Check out their online shop on their official website. They have a wide range of products with awesome eye catching designs. I have their sweater in blue (in the picture below). You don’t have to compromise fashion for warmth in this warm sweater.

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Winner will be chosen on December 23rd!

*This is a local giveaway so you must live in the Ottawa-Gatineau area to be eligible and be able to meet me downtown to pick up your prize! Goodluck!

the balance project

Below is a video about their winter collection including additional background info on The Balance Project.


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Happy holidays everyone!