High school. The one school you hate but love at the same time for the same exact reason: moving on and becoming our own responsibility. All teenagers fear this part of life, having to grow up and become adults, but we want it so badly. We all want to stop being noticed as kids. To stop having the adults we have learned to trust and respect look down on us, but then again it is one of our greatest fears. What happens when we leave the school we felt safe and comfortable in? Have they really taught us what we need to know to become our own person, to stop relying on the people who have raised us since birth. Can we become our parents? Can we feed, clothe, and protect ourselves like they have protected, fed, and clothed us? Those are only some of the thousand questions that circle our minds. Some more school related ones are also placed in between these more realistic thoughts… Are we going to pass our classes? Are we in the right career path? Are we keeping our grades high enough? With all these questions they tend to keep us up at night. We start becoming stressed, feel as if we are too weak, too small to really be able to do all of this. People tell us that being an adult will be so much easier, but others warn us of adulthood. We watch adults struggle and still get nowhere. We are afraid of what might happen to us. Not knowing what lies ahead stresses us out to a breaking point. That’s why high school envelopes us with close friends and good memories to comfort us before we get thrown into the real world.

The last and final year of high school is the year that options get thrown at us. Schools for a better education such as college or university sing in our heads. Trying to get the credits, the grades and the hours to move on to these new schools, but do we really want to? Do we have to? Do we want to work for the rest of our lives? Of course your parents, friends, and family say you must, say that that’s the only way, but the idea dances in your mind. Could I stay and never grow up? Of course your mind dismisses that thought and you go on trying to become the adult you want to be but fear.