Too often nowadays we are taught to ‘manage’ our time, to ‘balance’ our lives, and to basically stretch ourselves to our limits.  The truth is time should not be seen as something manageable.  It’s not meant to be manipulated – we have distorted time.  We are responsible for its creation and its current state as an invaluable fixture of modern day society.

Time is not meant to help us micromanage.  Time is precious and should be treated as the valuable gift that it is – after all, we only have so much of it.  On a day to day basis we do not realize exactly how many minutes or hours we while away doing absolutely nothing, that is, we do not realize until that free time is gone.

Instead of struggling with the idea of planing our lives out to the exact minute I suggest we address time as what it is, a commodity.  Time is not managed, manipulated, or given; time is spent.  Everyday of the year we spend time, each breath, each conversation uses up some time.  Like a parking meter our time will eventually run out.  So, while we have it we should cherish each moment we experience and each emotion we feel.

Spend time with the people that matter to you.  Work in friendly coffee dates or restaurant meet ups with your friends.  You could also call your parents, your nana, or your uncle – reach out to whomever you want to contact – just pick up a pen for a letter (don’t forget the stamps), flip out your phone to send a quick text or dial their number for a chat.

Each minute counts.

Spend your days in class enriching your mind, and developing your critical thinking skills.  Become passionate about your material and live for what you are studying.  Get involved with a sport, a club or create one on your own.  Spend your precious hours in the library surrounded by a silence of deep contemplation and think about your future.

Take a piece of guidance from the sacred Hindu text, the Bhagavad-Gita, “No effort in this world is lost or wasted.” (The Second Teaching, Verse 40; Barbara Stoler Miller translation.)  Yes, time can be wasted on meaningless and pointless pursuits.  It is entirely possible to waste time, but to waste all of it would require more work than it takes to live simply by the lack of restrictions imposed by a ticking clock.

Time is imaginary.  It was created by humans, by us.  Do not see it as a restriction – see it as an opportunity for success now and in the future.  See time in its true form.  Realize that time is irreplaceable and completely yours to do with as you will.

You can spend your time studying History for five years, backpacking across New Zealand or behind a computer screen.  You decide how you want to spend your time.  You are accountable to yourself, your passions, and your responsibilities.

Do not rent time in someone else’s calendar, do not purposely avoid time – believe in its power and beauty.  Remember, time is costly and it ticks down faster than you would expect – grab the time you have and use it to live and thrive.

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