Top 5 experiences in India

Every country has its charm and so does mine, India. In a country loaded with culture, ethnicity, traditions and festivals, it could be quite a task to see and do everything, so, for those confused and adventure seeking tourists, I bring to you the top 5 things you have to experience when in India.


An Auto-Rickshaw in action.

This is like a necessity evil for Indian road transportation. A taxi probably won’t help you navigate through narrow streets or street bazaars. A tuk tuk ride or an auto rickshaw is indeed risky but believe me it will be the most fun you’ll have since senior prom!


Holi – The Festival of Colors

Festivals in India are celebrated with great enthusiasm specially if they’re the major ones. Be it Diwali (the festival of lights), Holi (the festival of colors) or Eid (the festival of brotherhood and love), each of them are commenced with happiness and love for all. When it comes to celebrating, Indians become quite energetic to go around singing and dancing. The atmosphere is lively and all those who are a part of any festival here feel loved and contented.


ig - @mammoos_
A village in Tamil Nadu
Women working in the village of Raghurajpur.

This may be odd to hear but the villages in India make you feel like you’ve time traveled many years back. The old mud huts, cow dung cakes and their stoves called chulhas are sure to amuse you. People there do everything manually and you’ll surely find tranquility in the pace and quite that the small villages here have to offer.


Beautiful women and man in Indian attire.

Have you always wanted to feel like a royalty? Well look no further, here’s your chance! Indian clothes are not just a piece of fabric, when you wear them, you can feel the handwork of the maker, the carefully sewn sequins, the contrasting colors, the most beautiful designs and the best of fabric. When all of these come together to wrap your body, it almost feels magical, even though it sounds surreal, believe me, they leave everybody in awe of their beauty.

TIP : I highly advice girls to try sarees because, a saree can make you feel beautiful and elegant and honestly however western I get, I’ll always come back to a saree for any function!


Fireworks during marriage ceremony

This is probably like a follow-up to the above point. If the feeling of royalty doesn’t live up to your expectation just by an Indian dress then you better get yourself to a marriage ground. Indian weddings offer an elegant gentry, beautiful decor, exquisite food (a lot of food, you probably won’t be able to taste it all) and of course the best dressed bride and bridegroom. Indian weddings are like a bomb of vibrant colors, lights and happiness which explodes in the ground. The rituals, music and dancing and traditions make it quite mesmerizing and an unforgettable experience.

So if you’re planning to visit this sub-continent, keep in mind to try these things. It’s alright, you can thank me later!