Travel Libré is more than a travel and culture show, it is a series of fast-paced documentaries that capture visual stories with an energy that fits right into the creative narration of storytelling today. With a young talented filmmaker – Jonathan Kischel – behind the lens and a long-time journalist and publicist – Julie Beun – narrating the journey, Travel Libré fits right into the present generational world of over the top, innovative storytelling that intends to call the attention of a fast-paced group of people.

The first edition, the Korean edition, follows the journey of Beun, and Kischel, as they explore Seoul, Jeju Island, PyeongChang and Taerungis. They report on everything from disappearing cultural icons to k-food, k-fashion, the 2018 Winter Olympics and the billion-dollar k-beauty industry. Nothing was left to the imagination. Almost everything that should be known about Korea was mentioned, all with Beun’s easy wit, and knack for strong investigative journalism. It was very evident upon watching the Korean adventure unfold that the visual piece not only highlights the story of Korea but it also showcases the easy symbiosis between Beun and Kischel.

julie beun

The 40-minute program will be aired on Rogers TV (Cable 22) on Monday, February 20 (noon) and Tuesday, February 21 (10pm) with more airtimes the following week. The show will also be available on YouTube, with five mini-episodes being released every Friday at 3pm from February 10 to March 10.

“For such a small country that was the ‘Haiti of Asia’ in terms of poverty just 50 years ago, Korea is exploding. Modern Korea’s success stories – from k-pop to Samsung and mega-beauty brands like AmorePacific – are transforming it into more than a political force: it’s a cultural force,” says host and co-creator, Julie Beun.

Part travelogue, part fast-moving documentary, Travel Libré is an example of a dynamic new era of visual storytelling in the digital age, says filmmaker and co-creator, Jonathan Kischel of film house, JustPixl. “So many travel blogs are basically just the blogger doing stuff they like to do. We take that energy, add solid journalism, capture the environment in an authentic and inspiring way,” he says.

Watch the first episode below:

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Travel Libré airs:

On Rogers TV (Cable 22): Monday, February 20 at noon (premiere) with repeats on Tuesday, February 21(10pm) and the following week.