After thinking about it for a while, I remembered where the trouble all started. One person came to mind, a name that I keep repeating in my head over and over again: Thalia James. She arrived ten minutes late in my psychology class on a Thursday morning. I remember that detail because my roommate Serena was complaining that we needed to find another roommate. Thalia had a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that drew me towards her. I knew I wanted her to be my friend and beyond. I wanted her to be ‘my person’ like Meredith Grey would have said. After that class, Thalia came up to me and told me that she saw me in yoga class once. I was so amazed when she talked to me that I nodded and told her that it might have been indeed me that she saw. However, it was a lie since I’ve never stepped foot into a yoga class before. Anyways, after I told her ‘yes’ she gave me a big smile and invited me to grab a cup of coffee and study for our upcoming midterm. Since that day, we became somewhat like sisters and a couple weeks later, my new roommate. Thalia was so much fun to hang around with, smart and pretty. She had a milk chocolate tone skin with big brown eyes and short curly black hair. She was the complete package. When we weren’t in class or at work, we spent every minute together. People who didn’t know us thought we were sisters. I couldn’t be happier because she was like the sister that I’ve always wanted. I never thought that one day, I would regret ever speaking to Thalia James.

One night, Thalia didn’t come home and I didn’t see her the next morning in class. I was obviously worried so I kept calling her like a crazy. Even Serena couldn’t help wonder where she was especially because rent was almost due. I went to her workplace that day, but no one had seen her. So I decided to call the police once the 48hours limit had gone by. I decided to take a break from looking for Thalia and finish reading my book in the meantime. Out of the blue, a black Mercedes stopped in front of the house. Thalia stepped out of the car looking miserable. When Serena and I asked her where she had been and who dropped her off, she started crying. Thalia didn’t want to open up, I assumed it was because Serena was there. When we finally talked about it away from Serena, she told me that the man was Teddy…her ex-fiance. I couldn’t believe she didn’t tell me that she was once engaged. She explained that her parents presented them but she was never fond of him. She didn’t want to be tied up. Teddy came to pick her up to go back to her hometown because she had a family emergency. However, on the way back, things got crazy. Teddy didn’t want her to leave and even hit her during an argument. I was so upset, how could he have done that? Thalia was a sweet girl, she didn’t deserve that. I don’t know what brought me from that conversation to siting alone in my jail cell. It’s unreal how things can get tangled and messed up…..

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