Warning: This article is extremely based on personal opinion and perhaps, personal bias.

This past week, a lot of bachelorette and possibly bachelor fans who watched the season 9 finale episode would have either been extremely pleased with Desiree’s choice, indifferent or disappointed. First off, I’ll start by saying. I was never a fan of the show and I don’t think I still am in some sense.  I remember hearing about the show and thinking that in a society where some people are still somewhat very traditional because they often advocate for a romantic relationship between just two people not more – this is evident in scenarios where certain individuals frown upon people that cheat on their partners – so, a show that advocates otherwise for the hopes of finding love is almost strange. The fact that the bachelor or the bachelorette is allowed to date all 25 of the contestants and each are aware of the relationship is even stranger. And the fact that millions of people that frown upon the same situation that occurs on TV, in real life, are devoted fans is perhaps the strangest.

Anyway it’s safe to assume that I wasn’t itching to get into the fandom of the show. But for some reason, during the last Bachelor season starring Sean Lowe, everyone made a big buzz about him and it was everything you saw online everyday. So I eventually got curious and I started to think that someone as genuine, spiritual and good-natured as Sean deserves a happy ending. With that said, despite my theory against the show, I was very eager to see how his story would end. So I started to watch his season and it was oddly enjoyable. It’s refreshing to know that his story went well.

After the new bachelorette was announced on the finale episode of the bachelor. I realized a journey I had started was nowhere about to end. This was when I realized that this is how they get people hooked. It was announced that Desiree – the girl Sean left heart broken from his season – was the new bachelorette. When the finale episode of the bachelorette aired on Monday, I realized how strong some women truly are. Desiree included. She acted with so much calm, confidence, strength and independence in every situation handed to her. But this post isn’t about her qualities but rather, about her love story. It is one that deserves admiration, because it is absolutely relatable. I remember watching it throughout the season and thinking how greatly it mirrored the circumstance people really do go through. Her search for love could be simply summarized as “you always find true love, not with whom you think you love but with who loves you unconditionally and has remained by your side”.

A brief summary of the bachelorette, season 9, is that Desiree gets introduced to 25 guys in the beginning, and every week, she gets to go on group or individual dates with a few of them and every week she hosts a rose ceremony, where she gives a rose to who ever she has a connection with and whom she will like to remain in the “game”. The catch of the “game” though, is that at least one person gets to leave every week. After only a few episodes, I started to recognize what an amazing guy Chris Siegfried truly is, even if Desiree couldn’t see it at that time. He became the clear front-runner in my opinion but Desiree’s heart had other beliefs, because she thought she was in love with another contestant called Brooks Forrester. As fate will have it, Brooks admitted to her that he wasn’t in love with her and he ended up leaving the show. This left Desiree heart broken because she was ready to accept a proposal from Brooks. Because of this, her feelings for the other guys were clouded. But after Brooks left, there were only two guys remaining and she ended up picking Chris, who in my opinion suit her better and they both seem like they were meant to be together.  She finally realized that her love for Chris was always there, maybe not as clear as Brooks’ but she always loved him, she just didn’t realize it.

This simple truth made me question and think about how love and life works. The ordeal she went through to eventually get the man she was meant to be with was beautiful. Like they say, “bad things need to happen to make way for good things”. And I honestly watched with tears as she realized that the person that always loved her and was always on her side was the one person she was in love with all along. Everyone goes through this, when they think they are in love with somebody, but in reality you are in love with the idea of that person as opposed to the person. The main truth is that the people we truly love are those we don’t always expect. It can be a best friend, an old family friend, a stranger, a classmate … it could be anybody.

That being said, I think my journey of watching the bachelor and bachelorette is finally over because even if there are some happy endings, I can’t help but feel for the other people/contestants that were left heart broken and were eliminated in the process. But in the show’s defense, they never force anyone to come on the show so its understandable. But it is still very strange how the plot of the show works. Once again based on their portrayal on the show, Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried truly do deserve happiness and I hope it lasts for them. It’s truly remarkable how a TV show can accurately depict real life because Desiree was simply like every girl, she fell for the wrong guy and wasn’t seeing what was right in front of her all along.

Cheers to the newly engaged couple.

Feel free to leave comments if you will like to discuss Desiree’s story or if you can relate with her story.