Definition of Feminism
Now that we have the actual meaning cleared, let’s talk about it and understand what feminism actually is.
I’ve met all kinds of people, feminists, anti-feminist and the ones who do not care about this specific issue.
It’s quite a controversial topic but me being a raging feminist would love to put it forth. I whatsoever have no second thoughts about being a feminist because I believe in equality among all and that is what feminism means, right? All sexes should be equal? No? That’s where the problem starts but first lets talk about feminism in brief, then we’ll hop on to the reason for the problems and finally the suggestions.
Feminism = Equality
Feminism means Equality
The dictionary states that feminism means the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes which in simple English roughly translates to, bringing up the stands of females to the same point of males.
History provides us with facts that initially women suffered oppression. In the heat of wanting to taste freedom and equality, several movements and struggles took place and these movements were named as feminist movements. Later on the oxford dictionary added the word feminism meaning, see above.
Feminism was just a term coined for these struggles for equal power and respect in the society among all sexes, later on, it grew support from the public and even some men took part in the race to equality through it.
In the 21st century, the number of feminists have increased immensely and feminism is now a very common word heard around the world. People are starting to publicize the oppressed women or men in different countries so that, the public as a whole can make a difference. Feminism strives for freedom of the oppressed and works to create a platform in the world where all the diverse sexes stand together and that no sex is superior or inferior.
Why are people against this concept?
For everyone who wants to follow it
I respect everyone’s opinion and choice but I would still like to point out some reasons which I think prevent people from following it.
  1. Misinformation – Some people do not understand the concept well, what they think is that feminists are a group of people who want women to be superior to men or that women should come in power. If you’re one of the people who thinks so, let me tell you, you’re wrong. We do not want a specific sex to dominate the others, we want equal status among all. What a man can do, a woman should be able to do too and vice versa.
  2. Beliefs – For some groups, it’s their religious beliefs, traditions, etc which believes in men being slightly dominant in their marriage or family but, I’m not against any religion and I do respect their beliefs. The main reason is that they believe in their religious testaments more than people like me writing about it, which is perfectly alright because no one should be forced to follow something.

Honestly, the primary problem is indeed, misinformation. It’s human nature to get easily provoked by things without getting to the root of it. Some people have a very wrong view of feminism which I want to change and I hope my article does not trigger anyone because I only want to present my views.


Men supporting women

The only suggestions I can put forth is love and acceptance, you don’t have to be a feminist to fight for equality, go ahead and love all and equality shall come on its own.

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