It’s December now, a time when some of us graduate from University of Ottawa. However, after we step out of university, will we still remember the traces we left on campus? Maybe the memory is too bittersweet for us to remember, but we have to admit that this place is where we fought, played and loved.
DSC09843Still remember this place? Yes, in the front of the elevators on the first floor of the university of Ottawa Morisset Building! Can you count how many times the first button has been pressed by you? Also, the “Purell” was no doubt always “crying” because of our numerous touches!


The impressionable printers at the library that always prevent us from running through floors because of printing papers. We will also never forget feeling that we’d like to break these printers when the paper got stuck.


The statue on the first floor of the library; we always see it when we enter the library. But it is so mysterious that I can never understand what it represents.


Ah~the automatic doors may be the door that a lot of us would never want to go in again, because sometimes we went in by morning and got out by midnight.


What does CHUO mean? Although we always come down to the basement, maybe we never wondered about this notice board.


In the basement of the library there are plenty of this power hubs.


The sign indicating that having food is not allowed in the basement is always ignored. This is why I always smelled pizza when I was studying.


As far as I know, this painting has been hanging here for years, yet I still cannot understand it. But I always feel incredibly energetic when I see the picture, of course this is just my imagination…

DSC09877Tim Horton’s in the SITE Building has become the necessary place for numerous students. Although it’s low efficiency always made me incredibly frustrated, but some of our best memories are certainly attached to it, such as buying coffee for girlfriends….


After graduation, we are just like the one branch stemming out of the whole. We will keep on exploring even if no one is there to help us. However if we stick to our thoughts and fight for them, we will find a better and newly promised future.