The holidays are among us. I’m already feeling myself forget my phone in another room for hours at a time, sit around having long face-to-face chats, and become uninterested with checking Facebook on a routine basis. But “unplugging” still isn’t easy, and being intentional about abandoning technology is usually necessary—even over the holidays.

The fun little guidebook/journal by Jennifer Tolo Pierce, entitled Unplug Every Day, is composed of 365 ways to Log Off and Live Better. On each page is an idea of how to digitally detox, with a space for writing the date it was completed on, and a brief reflection. It’s a huge bank of ideas to recharge ourselves, instead of recharging our devices, and get back to basics, to the things we’re meant to be doing: moving, creating, and connecting—face-to-face.

Below are just a handful of fun ideas from the book, to help spark some digital detox time in your daily life. What are some of your favorite ways to Log Off? Let us know!

1) Send a care package to someone who needs it

2) Stretch for 10 minutes before you go to bed

3) Start a Haiku journal

4) Hang an inspiration board by your desk

5) Run an obstacle course

6) Make an origami paper crane

7) Doodle during a meeting

8) Roll down a grassy hill—over and over again

9) Go to a farm, pick whatever is in season, and make a pie

10) Keep fresh-cut flowers in your home or office

11) Build a fort

12) Host a costume party

13) Say good morning to strangers

14) Watch a movie at the drive-in

15) Bake cookies—and share

16) Volunteer for a cause

17) Fill a binder or box with your favorite recipes

18) Frame pictures

19) Make a paper snowflake

20) Send a thank-you note

21) Go out for karaoke

22) Take a sailing lesson

23) Choose people over pixels.

Unplug Every Day
Unplug Every Day