About a year ago, I did a review on the advanced dermatology anti-aging kit and was very pleased with the results I got. Since then, the skin care company has revamped its products and I must admit they’ve done a terrific job. Due to changes in skin care needs (dealing with dull skin) and the company’s changes to its products, I will be posting  a series of articles detailing my experience with the new kit. Thus, I employ you to journey with me.

This article being the first of the series will focus on the differences between this new kit and the previous one.

Breakdown of the Two Advanced Dermatology Kits

1. Packaging: The packaging of the two kits were beautifully done. The new kit came in a  well designed box (a box that makes you feel that you bought something of quality) while the previous one came in a small pretty white travelling bag. Having said this, I believe the new kit takes the edge here because of the packaging of the individual product. I am someone that appreciates fine details and this is something the company has done brilliantly. The cleanser and eye cream containers have been replaced with a tube-like one.  The pumps of the the various creams have been well designed and given necks with a nice metallic finish.

2. Product Content: I believe this is the biggest difference between the two kits. The cleanser in the new kit  is white color compared to the yellow-orange coloration in the previous kit. Furthermore, I noticed that the new cleanser was a bit easier to apply compared to the previous one. Another major difference in this category, is the step 4 (the night treatment). Vitamin C has been added to the ingredients. Vitamin C is known to be a brightening agent and this suits my current requirement. Thus, I’ll give the advantage to the new advanced dermatology kit.

3. Name Changes: Although of little interest to me, I did notice name changes in three products in the kit. The Healing Foam Cleanse has been replaced with Daily Renew Cleanser, Daily Sun Defense with Complete Age Defense Day Cream and Overnight Resurrection with Advanced Night Treatment respectively.

That will be all for now. Please check back in a week or two to see my review on the new kit. Thank you and have  a nice day.

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