When we think Valentine’s Day we think of the color red, hearts, candy and chocolates, and maybe more expensive gifts like jewelry from Tiffany’s or some other costly present. Truthfully Valentine’s Day is not as much about love as it is about money; Valentine’s Day has become a commercialized holiday for companies to make money off of the concept of “love”….February 14th and the average spending is estimated to be up 24 percent from last year’s Valentine’s Day. Why? Because Businesses are marketing and preparing to make huge profits off the highly commercialized holiday..

The holiday is love oriented and is a way for couples (or whoever) to show each other how much they admire one another by buying them some type of gift , or taking them out to dinner , etc. And while the holiday may seem heart warming the most heart warming thing about it is the amount of profit companies and businesses will be making.

According to statistics Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts (along with candy, flowers, plush toys, perfume and cologne) to buy on Valentine’s Day so it’s no surprise that businesses like Macy’s are offering sales to increase profit (Macy’s currently offers 45-60 percent off on jewelry).

Candy being the most popular gift on Valentine’s Day is not a stranger to sales to increase profits either. Companies such as Lindt Chocolate are offering sales like “20 percent off on select boxes of chocolates”. Restaurant chains such as Olive Garden and Outback Steakhouse also have sales (take home dinner for $34.99, and two for $42.00 menu).

While Valentine’s Day may seem to be a holiday to celebrate love and admiration it is really a holiday which businesses take advantage of and create hype all in order to make money. You may be reading this and think I may just be a “Scrooge” when it comes to Valentine’s Day but truthfully with most holidays they are just days used as tools to generate income by big businesses. In fact it is estimated that this Valentine’s Day consumers will spend over eighteen billion dollars: a staggering amount all on account of a holiday…

Valentine’s Day is just another day in actuality, the hype only comes from businesses trying to cash in on a “special” day. Valentine’s Day is just like any other day, and instead of celebrating love and splurging on one specific day, why not celebrate and show your love to those around you on a daily basis and not just once a year? Instead of falling for the marketing schemes, the advertisement and promoting, show your love to your dear ones daily instead. Valentine’s Day is only a day where businesses try to guilt you into making purchases on account of “love”.