Are you looking for one of the latest fads on the Internet? Search no more because I will be writing about the Vine app in this post.

[dropcap]I’[/dropcap]m almost a 100% certain that the creators of this app gathered together to create a video app that will enable people share 6 seconds of their daily life with their friends, family and fans. But it seems majority of the general population have a different opinion, as they’ve turned this app into a “comedy central”. It seems almost everyone using this app has become somewhat of a comedian and 6 seconds has been proven time and time again by these Vine users that a simple 6-second video can leave people laughing for days or even weeks.

I am a huge fan of comedy, in some sense I believe that laughter does prevent wrinkles, but to be honest laughter cures a bad day, it stops a bad mood and most of all it prevents mild depression. So to be able to go on Vine and watch as many funny videos as I can is truly incredible.

One will wonder is that what it takes? A 6-second video by regular people? To make people laugh? What about local stand-up comedians that have tried and tried again to make people laugh, yet it fails? What about comedic TV shows that have been cancelled because they failed to make people laugh? Yet a 6-second video posted on Vine does the trick? Doesn’t all these make you wonder how and where technology is growing?

With that said, if you are a huge fan of comedy and you enjoy laughing alone or with a group of friends, I’ll advice checking out videos posted on Vine. For those that don’t have the app and do not see a reason to get it, but will like to have a few rounds of laughter, I’ll suggest you check out the Best Vines page on Facebook. It’s a page that has compiled and still compiles the funniest Vine videos posted by the app users.

Feel free to post comments about your experience with Vine and what you think about this app.