Why do vision boards work?…that’s the question isn’t it? 

Why do people say that to will your idea or thought into fruition, you have to first visualize it?

And isn’t it all so simplistic that to will your idea to life, you need to have it on a board visible to you every day? 

Why do people even make careers out of creating vision boards for people? 

Most importantly, what is it about our subconscious that we may not know? 

These are all fair and reasonable questions to ask…so, again why do vision boards work?

I don’t know the right answers to the aforementioned questions but all I know is that ‘thoughts truly become things’ and not just thoughts that don’t get acted upon, but thoughts that get etched, visualized daily and willed to life on a board or in abstract forms in our minds. Check out this video below on visualization as iterated by a famous Hollywood actor, Jim Carrey.

So what’s visualization? 

Visualization is more a powerful mind exercise that works in your favour along with the universe. Merriam-Webster defines visualization as “the formation of mental visual images.” But think a bit more about visualization as an invisible force that floats into the universe; these visual images we form inside of us get emitted outward to the universe and something happens and these images form life outside of our minds. Funny description right?

How does it work and why?

The answer is quite simple: the law of attraction. This belief is based upon the idea that like attracts like and so positive thoughts attract positive experiences, and negative thoughts attract negative experiences. So, when people say that ‘thoughts become things’, it is because when you think of what you want, subconsciously you act towards making that thing happen. Same as visualization, when you visualize what you want, you are automatically less distracted with a point of focus as to what you want, so you naturally act upon your visualization.

Infact, science has also shown some evidence of visualization. In an article published on Scientific American titled, “How to Grow Stronger Without Lifting Weights“, it references several studies that highlight the connection between the brain and body by reporting the results from these studies. It appears that simply imagining lifting weights is almost as effective as actually going to the gym to lift weights in their physical form. The findings from these studies have been used and referenced as motivators for a lot of professional athletes today.

So, vision boards work because they better help you clarify what you want out of life, help you create daily affirmations, and help you focus on achieving your goals.

Creating a vision board 

Here’s the thing, creating a vision board should be fun and very simple, after all no one knows you or what you want better than yourself. So, for first steps, you need to visualize how you feel, as vision boards truly depend on feeling. (How does having a new car make me feel? How does building my parents a new house make me feel? How does getting A+ in all my classes make me feel?). It is with all these feelings that you strategically place each image or text on your vision board.

Another important trick is categorizing what you want depending on certain areas you have in your life. For example, organize your vision board by focusing on certain areas like relationships, work, travel goals, experiences, self etc.

Lastly, after creating your vision board, make sure that it is placed somewhere visible to you daily. The point of a vision board is to have daily life affirmations of the goals you’ve set for yourself, and this can only be achieved if it is placed strategically where you can see it everyday.

Visualization using vision boards is amongst one of the most important mental exercises you will ever do for yourself, so get up and start visualizing.